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  1. Hi Tony yes you are missing the plastic covers.
  2. Hi Tony thats pretty much what it was for me. IIRC it was 4 at the rear and 5 at the front. Angus
  3. Just to say I've really enjoyed all of your videos and had many of the same jobs to fix.
  4. Hi Tony Can you tell me the length of the rod you made up that runs from the ball joint of the MX5 motor to the joining rod in the light pod including the ball joints. Does the m6 ball joint fit over the MX5 joint ?? Thanks Angus
  5. Hi Tony The vents have definitely had the side piece cut away, and it should join to the front of the heater chamber where on mine their is a flap which is controlled by the dash control above the vents.
  6. Hi Tony More than happy for you to make the brackets for me. Also the components for the attaching, rod lengths components etc. Happy to reimburse you for the cost etc or just the list of materials used. As for the 3/4 " socket was intending to leave them both attached at the top and drill a hole around 10mm in the fibreglass or even just mark the positions and hopefully not need to use them!!(yeah right)
  7. Hi Tony 3/8th drive 3/4 " socket fits on really well for the MX5 motors. What joint did you use to connect the motor to the rod and pod rail. Angus
  8. Hi Peter It looks like a good design, what length is the connecting rod and what materials did you use? (any other info also helpful.) Angus
  9. Hi Tony have got the MX5 motors and the relays for the lights but not fitted as have no brackets, as you said you could make them for me. Happy to come over and wire up your lights if you need it. Looks like the door seal may not be the right size!!
  10. Hi Tony On mine it just sits there dangling at each footwell and not attached to anything.
  11. it will look a lot like mine then!!!.......only better.
  12. Really starting to look the business now.
  13. It seems their is a small oil leak from the FB 22 (as per parts list) 24mm nut on the gearbox next to the drain plug. Before it gets removed, can i remove it and replace it without any internal problems? and if so will it leak oil as its next to the drain plug. Hoping to change the fibre washer plus rtv and cure the leak. Also does anyone else have a leak on the reversing switch, but not from the threads but from the electrical connection at the end? any help much appreciated as always. Thanks Angus.
  14. Yes the clips hold the trim in place and no visible screw holes. Mine have the plastic clips and look original.
  15. If they dont stay down at all with the engine running then its most likely the 1 way check valve isnt working or disconnected itself or disconnected hoses. Previously ive taken mine out and fibre glassed the bottom of each in order to improve the staying down time (as Tony D says above.) You have to be careful when unbolting the bolt at the bottom to release the actuators, one broke off completely and the other sheared in half on mine. Currently have purchased MX5 motors but not fitted yet.
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