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  1. Just out of interest was their a definitive answer to this dilemma, as i need a new reversing light switch. Thanks as always.
  2. The wire connecting the filler cap to the cam cover is starting to fray. What is the best way to replace it please? TIA Angus
  3. Just out of interest have just got a new Nankang NS2 205/60/14 92H XL as a spare as the others are Falken's. £61 via asda tyre shopper. Two other cheaper tyres also available.
  4. Its a very good question. I dont know the answer but if it isnt vibration/noise suppression/absorption it maybe weight distribution/altering or lowering the centre of gravity or could it be the legendary ground effects for the road cars!! Wouldnt it be good if it was.
  5. The interior courtesy lights are the same as or nearly the same as ford cars from the 70's. The pinhole light was also fitted to the jag xj6 apparently(maybe the same?). Currently there is a capri light in my elite from the 70"s and is the same but the design varied slightly over time.
  6. Hi Steve as per Francisco the rheostat switch should twist to work.
  7. @Doris the dog Slightly off topic, but was your mum in the N&N? my mother in law 'lost' hers in there recently after an in patient op. Cant help with the door though apart from saying it took ages to line the door up via adjusting the striker plate and the hinge bolts.
  8. I would tend to agree with Andy above. The perhaps 5-6 times ive used kseal/radweld its been the radweld that has worked better. Too much use of the sealers can lead to blocking of the system and stop the heater matrix from working. If you supplied a new water pump/rubber seal im sure a good local garage can fit it without any problems.
  9. guitar hero - very good looking interior and a good looking centre panel with the radio/switch swap over. who did the upholstery ?? it looks good.
  10. You will receive a new log book(V5C) as normal but under the taxation class it will list it as 'historic vehicle', instead of private/light goods PLG.
  11. Have just spotted Bauke Tocus has 2 lower front grilles for sale on facebook. The elite/eclat/excel owners club. Both appear to have seen better days though!!
  12. My 501 didnt have a lower front grille when i bought it. Went to lotusbits 2 years ago for some bits. They didnt have a grille then and said they are a rare part these days. (Not even a rusty bent one.) So purchased some mesh from wickes. Cost about £2 for a large sheet and sprayed it black. The rod size is smaller and the gap is 12mm. Not a perfect match but does the job of protecting the radiator and the horns at a lot less cost than a new replacement that is never seen. Fixed with self tappers at the top and not seen and fixed at the bottom via the spoiler bolts.
  13. The problem is when pulling down the front cable it needs to be vertically in line with the bracket otherwise the force exerted is much greater.
  14. Hi Pete and Tony No i havent really thought seriously about an upgrade of any sort. Yes it does take a bit of a pull and would be a real pain if it malfunctioned. Hence ive been adjusting and lubricating it before i permanently re fit the interior rear glass and install the headlining ive made recently. The tailgate now springs up about an inch, unfortunately the gas struts are a bit tired.luckily the glass was out as a couple of times it failed to open. Angus
  15. Yes its possible it could have been re routed. I think it would be better with a pulley wheel attached to make it easier to open and maybe situated nearer to the driver!!
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