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  1. Hi John I will be at the BIH on Thursday.
  2. Pretty much as stated above. The ducting(which is spring wired) comes from the air intake box and turns at 90 deg and runs between the deflector panel and the engine and alternator. Terminating 2 or 3 inches short of the inner wheel arch. A plastic end with a flange on it is inserted in to the end and is retained close to the inner wheel arch. My set up is standard except for a K&N air filter.
  3. You could try to push through some electrical cable from the other side. Then joining this with the handbrake cable and then pulling it back through from the other side of the panel.
  4. Mega job with the re trim and the carb rebuild BTW. As for the dash illumination it must have been quite innovative in its day and I havent seen it anywhere else other than Elite/Eclat models.(possibly unique and worth persevering with) It is better than nothing and if directed carefully can illuminate the centre dash adequately. I reinstated mine and it does make quite a difference compared to complete darkness.(Philips E10 MES 2.2v lens end bulb) Great photos....very informative pics,a picture can tell a 1000 words.
  5. Went out to lunch today and ended up here...……………….no prizes for guessing where though!! Good food good company and of course good cars.
  6. Yes had a good evening out meeting some 'new' cars and their owners and swapping Lotus tales. Had a quick chat with Mr MJK who twice reminded me to replace the headlight vacuum with electric motors(its on the list of jobs to be done ) LOL.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I shall be there unless the car doesnt start.
  8. Not been before. When is the next one?
  9. Angus553

    Lotus Type 116

    First saw this car about 20 years ago (10/99 iirc.)at the Earls Court motor show where it was kept under a pyramid and then the pyramid was raised up every 20 mins or so along with a great fanfare of music and lights.
  10. This type of lamp was v popular in GB cars in the 70's and 80's. I have swapped over a 70's Capri one in my boot in the Elite. Cortina/Escort/Capri etc are all interchangeable as well as BL cars. As per the above advert.
  11. Having had similar issues as above and changing everything from the battery to the plugs and doing all the possible combinations including stripping and cleaning the carbs, I found the best solution for me was to refit the rotor and trigger wheel several times until it fired consistently on 4 cylinders under load on the road. This did eventually stop all the misfiring banging etc. All is almost well and the only ongoing issue is the rev counter returning to tick over in 2 stages ,presumably a vac leak somewhere.......all suggestions welcome as to a cure.
  12. thanks one of 1000 mysteries solved!! The cable must've been changed and the old one left insitu.
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