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  1. looks like I've been beaten to it again. As above...……..I couldn't have put it better myself.
  2. you use the carb trumpets to secure the air box via the nuts and bolts. The air box is sandwiched between the carb and the trumpets.
  3. Yes the job is a right pain. I've done it 3 times now.(replace/check and double check the electronic ignition.) The air box has to be removed completely but the carbs were left in situ and I didn't move the distributor. It can be done by standing/kneeling on the carbs and using the gap between them to do the job, or it can be done leaning over from the offside and using a compact mirror wedged in place to see what you are doing. Its a very fiddly and awkward job. The most vital ingredient is of course patience, but a magnetic screw driver is useful as well.
  4. The Lotus Elite fitment of the tailgate strut as per the manual etc, does appear to be the opposite way to the tradional fixing method. The reason for this is probably because the other way around the strut fouls slightly on the rubber seal and subsequently opens about 1 inch less.
  5. 'Black and Gold' the JPS story has the picture of it at the 74 British GP at Brands Hatch. 'Lotus the Legend' has the 1981 picture, again at Brands Hatch.(not a great shot of the Elite but its in the background). 1974 GP photo also available on page 22 of the Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread on this forum.
  6. Well there is one. A JPS elite was used as a course car at the Brands Hatch GP in the 1970's. Had the reg no JPS 2. Whether or not it was a genuine road car/for sale etc, or just a show car for JPS and Lotus only being used off road I dont know, probably Andy Graham at Lotus may know the answer. Also there is a picture of the same vehicle at a 1981 Lotus photoshoot at Brands Hatch with several JPS cars.
  7. Probably is worth around 10k but these cars are still very undervalued. Dont give it away for 5k though, could go for 7-8k with a full mot. It Does look SOO good. The only question is to sell 170R or keep it.
  8. International Rescue (Lotus) Ltd could be a winner, travelling the globe from your secret island base !!
  9. Hi Brian glad to hear you have sorted the electrical issues. Earth's can be very problematic especially when they are intermittent. I have installed 3 extra earths to the chassis and often use these to check wiring installations.
  10. The engine should have an engine no. On it My headlight pods have the last 4 no's of the chassis on it. You may be able to get a cert of provenance with these details, or alternatively if you can find these numbers, others could narrow it down using your info. Also the underside of the roof is where the chassis no. Is sometimes to be found.
  11. Hi, If you have an earth wire with an inline fuse then something isnt right. Anything with an inline fuse should live. Hope this helps.
  12. Thought as much. Another good find for you then!!……….you will be busy.
  13. Unfortunately, the shopping trolley has got more chance of returning to the supermarket it was liberated from.
  14. The height of the hub centre is 28.2 cms measured to the middle of the centre cap.
  15. Hi have mesured the height at 57.8cms. (Tyre) 47.9cms(wheel).This includes 6/6.5mm of tread. Tyre at 22psi on nsf. 205/60/14 falken tyre on Gkn wheel. Hope this helps.
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