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  1. Mine isnt like that! Maybe they ran out of cable.
  2. Hi Tony Have 2 batteries for my elite. type 065 55ah and 515A size 17.5mm(h) 17mm(d) 24mm(w) and 075xd 62ah 620A same size but 0.5mm higher. Both are slightly to wide for the the recess but sold as fitting correctly, they both sit around 2/3rds in the recess and the cover fits on well. Although 1 is more powerful it doesnt appear to be any different in reality. The eclat battery could be for an auto which is always more powerful and is fitted in the engine bay.
  3. Hello All Have a black cable with a 90 deg hook coming out of the end. The other end is connected to the hot/cold lever on the centre dash. (See pic) does anybody know where it should be connected too. Also does anyone know if you can re insert the vac pipes for the heater controls on drivers side by only removing the dash behind the steering wheel or do you need to remove the centre as well ? TIA Angus
  4. Having decided to replace the tailgate struts and using the above previously supplied info, the purchase of a pair of LR Disco3/Range Rover front bonnet struts (230N) were made. They are now fitted and work perfectly, opening up fully when the tailgate is released. Also for the record the RR P38rear tailgate strut fits but with a 300N force. The previous pair were Liftomat 250N struts ancient and original??
  5. 'Essex' is in regards to the colour of an exclusive esprit, being the esprit turbo with all manner of extras and a blue paint finish. LCL852V may well be the only elite in this colour scheme? and was originally driven by ACBC. Iam sure Leigh G can tell you if this is correct or not?
  6. TLF gold is available for £175 and includes the certificate and some other stuff. It is advertised on here.
  7. Must admit haven't heard the LCL stories although many vehicles seem to have had lotus connected owners!! Prefix -CL is a Norwich reg number along with PW NG VF VG AH (Norwich and Norfolk area.) so maybe connected to Lotus in some way? So LCL846V is 1599A?
  8. It is interesting that the service parts list is different from the Robson book "3rd gen lotus". No clues, haven't any more info on the black one YPF898Y other than what the advert stated. Presumably did not know it was the last one as it was added to the advert later? Mike Kimberley's (ex) elite A480JVF is the last one registered (06/10/83) as far as I know and still going strong.
  9. Yes for the UK/domestic market it was 1636A and 1637A. The last ever one 1757A was sold this week from Holsworthy in N. Devon. Angus
  10. Hi Roman Not sure how much more help i can give you as mine is an elite. The panel with the light will be to sit between the tank and the boot though. The panels 10,11,12 are 'upmarket cardboard', and the panel 9 is genuine hardboard. All of my boot is carpeted in black. Cant say if the boot lid is carpeted or not(my opinion not?) The aerial on mine is situated behind the cover 12 right in the corner but have seen some aerials on the other side. Hope this helps? Angus
  11. If you go to the RD Enterprise website you can see the layout of the boot area. The eclat wont have the no.13 as it is for the elite battery, and may not have the no.7 as it is for the a/c system. The spare wheel for the elite is situated beneath the boot and held in place via a v shaped metal bar. the excel spare wheel is part of the boot and sits in a central recess. The boot floor has a hardboard panel rectangular in shape, and a black carpet is on the top attached by 4 fasteners at each corner on the elite.
  12. Yes the rear flange is just open. Leaving a gap between the cant rail and the corner of the roof. Angus
  13. Took a gamble after doing some research about the reversing light switch and concluded the Lucas smb420 and the Bearmach 575166 would fit and work correctly in the gearbox. Both have arrived and do indeed work correctly. The switch itself is 3/8" diameter with 24unf/24tpi with a 15mm head and N.O. circuit. This is a Land Rover part. Hopefully this will help others when they over tighten the switch whilst trying to stop it leaking.
  14. Same here ive only got the black trim. Does seem it should have something in there though!
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