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  1. Thanks all for your valued comments. Plenty of food for though
  2. Hi all, Just joined the forum. previously I have had a number of different Mini’s including a 1.6 Honda VTec which was a lot of fun. 3 years ago I sold the VTec and bought a 1987 Excel. I’m now thinking of buying Esprit. Had a look at a 1984 Esprit Tubro last week. The seller is looking for £18,000 but is has not run for about 3 years. The seller has told me that the engine was perfect but I noticed oil around the turbo. There is also an oil leak on one cam housing. between the housing and the head, also the cluch is seized. Think is the peddle. Possiablerad leak. Body work looks good except for quite a few stone chips. Has been resprayed in some places. The roof lining needs to be replaced. Had to do the same in my Excel. The interior is red and appart from some ware on the drivers seat and the centre console lid is off it hinges it look good. I have seen the car once and the owner has agreed to get the car running in the next couple of weeks. I will then bring a mechanic with me to look at it again. Can I ask you to help me and advice on what to look out for so I don’t make a big mistake. It’s a lot of money Thanks to you all in advance. Robin
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