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  1. Wrong adjustement on float on one carb, basic, each time we must go to basic. Thanks again
  2. No, I know some Esprit turbo with carbs. Thanks to Jonwat, the problem is fixed.
  3. Thanks, if the proposal to check the floats level is not working, I will try your solution. Best regards
  4. John, We measured the fuel pressure after the regulator. it is correct. Good idea, the height of the floats. It seems to me that it was correct during reassembly. I'll check. How to check the accelerator pumps? Cheers
  5. I'm not so fluent in english but I will try to do my best. I appologize in advance . Can someone help me? I own a 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo in excellent condition. I encounter a small problem but very annoying. When accelerating in first, sometimes in second gear but never in other gears, there is a small 'hole' during acceleration, less than a second, and then it starts again very well. The carburettors have been overhauled and well balanced, the ignition and spark plugs are new, the pump is working properly. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for your help. Jean
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