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  1. IMPORTANT MESSAGE On 20th April 2022, AERIE received a message from Daniel San (“Daniel”) via Facebook Messenger, enquiring on some delay products and quality issue on a Carbon Fibre Front Splitter. At first we were very surprised because according to our records, we had not dealt with Daniel directly. We quickly found out that Leon of Race Division had ordered AERIE products allegedly on behalf of Daniel. Despite not having directly dealt with Daniel and being unaware of the dealing between Race Division and Daniel, AERIE immediately addressed Daniel’s concern and explained to him the situation as previously mentioned to Leon. It was unfortunate that before AERIE could do anything for Daniel, false allegations and twisted facts spread all over social media. The relevant post by Daniel can be found on various social media platform and we need not repeat the content here. Despite our failure to understand the motive behind such fabricated story, we appreciate Daniel’s disappointment and we are always ready to resolve any issues regarding our products. Suffice to say, we have never received any money from Daniel and logic would dictate that it was Race Division who did. At the end of day, AERIE provided full refund to Race Division on all the products undelivered. As mentioned in the beginning, AERIE is prepared to be tested and we are confident in our services and products. Most importantly we are upfront and do not shy away from challenges, be it benevolent or malicious. That said, owning to the how quickly this incident escalated in social media, it warrants our thorough investigation to understand if any malpractice and/or misconduct has been committed to fellow members of the Lotus community. Without prejudicing our legal position, we intend to take it offline from here. What we can say is that we have discovered possible illegal actions committed by wrong-doer(s) in this incident and that is the direction that we will focus on to safeguard our interest and that of our customers. AERIE PERFORMANCE
  2. Dear dakm Sorry about this issues that you have been encountered. As we explained to Leon from start there are global supply issues and we are trying to resolve this at the best we can. The recent lockdown in Shanghai and other provinces in China is not helping the situation. We believe that Leon has been kept in the loop all the along. On other hand, Leon, as a sales in Australia of our products, is normally your point of contact. We stand by our products and will address any quality issues as soon as they come to our attention. We would appreciate that any issues be clarified with us (should local sales agent fail to address them) before condemning us on social media. That said, as a manufacturer and products provider, we are once again sorry to hear this case and we deeply understand the concern and issues that you have raised. To compensate this poor experience that you have been encountered, we are willing to offer the below options, please do let us know your thought. Option 1: 14 day ETA + $2000 Special promo code as compensation Option 2: Refund all the purchase Thanks for your time and consideration. Sorry again for your lost and hope this clears things up 🙏🏼
  3. Hi, My name is Jason Fung, founder of Aerie Performance. Thank you for your interest in our new version of side scoops We are legit and we are company based in HK. All our products are shipping from HK. We are happy to assist you at all time. You can reach out to me on WhatsApp +1(567)3201516 or email [email protected] for any assistance. We provide different shipping solution, we can find a best solution for you with a reasonable price.
  4. Hi Daniel we are received email your enquiry and please check reply detail:) Jason
  5. HI

    STILL HAVE V6 Exige forged wheels AVAILABLE:)


  6. Hi All & @Seriouslylotus If any friends in here still can get the V6 Exige forged wheels, pls let e know best J
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