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  1. Thank you for helping get it where it can be seen
  2. Tar. Hello. Thanks for answering. Yes that is the post. I thought that post should have shown with it’s own bold print heading rather than a reply to my original post. I think I realize what I did wrong. Please correct me if I’m wrong. What I should have done was create a new topic, the new topic name reflecting the original topic. Something like Delco wiper replacement instructions and part number. That way members that read the original post could relate and someone that didn’t see the original post looking for wiper information would go directly to the instructions. Now everyone has to read all the replies to get the instructions. Just seems to get lost in the reply area. Am I correct? Thanks for helping. Bob Vollner
  3. Hello everyone, thank you for letting me join recently. Seems that there are a lot of good, knowledgeable people here that really enjoy the Lotus marque. I don’t have a Lotus of my own but have been enjoying myself repairing or rebuilding them for the last 45 years. Not a typo, that’s why Papaw is my sign in. The main reason I joined is,about 2 years ago I needed a replacement wiper motor for a Stevens car. I called all the U S suppliers and they all laughed telling me the motors are NLS and there is a real problem here. Try one of the adapted motors. Longer story shortened, with the help of my main supplier, 3 days and 50 or so motors later, I found a Bosch unit that bolted in using all the original Lotus hardware with minor wiring changes. Now I need help please. I posted the part number and installation instructions in the parts interchange area for the Stevens cars but the post shows as a reply to my original. Seems rather hidden. Maybe someone could tell me the correct way to post it.
  4. First I must apologize for the delay, life and health sometimes get in the way. Can’t post pictures but this is really pretty simple. Bosch number is 0 390 241 132. Fits 98-99 VW Passat and 96-01 Audi A4. You may be asked if the car has a blue or green dash, color doesn’t matter. The motor is the same,only the controls are different. Rearrange the wires in the ORIGINAL plug as follows. Hold the plug with the lock tab facing you, wires pointing away from you. Left to right, green, blue/light green, black, red/light green, blue/light green. When you fit the plug to the motor, green should be farthest from the moter, blue/green closest. Remove arm from Bosch motor and fit plug to motor. Your going to use the original lotus arm. Test the motor. You should have all the original functions, 2 speeds, intermittent and park (rest) in the same position after each function. If not, check rearranged wires for proper position. If correct, check other components, switch or relay, for function. If fuse blows, check rearranged wires. Install new motor using Lotus drive arm. Lotus arm has a slightly larger serration than the Bosch, however the taper is the same. Lotus arm fits lower than the Bosch arm. The 3 mounting bolts have a slightly raised edge. REMOVE this edge from the top of the hex for arm clearance. Use the original bolts or new ones provided with the motor. Fit the wiper linkage to the new motor. Think I saw proper adjustments here recently. I put this motor in an allmost daily driver 18 months ago and it is still functioning great. Note. Forgot to mention, lock tab on original plug no longer functions, in almost 50 years (yeah I’m an old guy) I’ve never had a wiper plug fall off. Secure it if it makes you feel better. Try it. I’ll watch for questions. If there’s any interest in how to adapt an old SnapOn anilizer “red brick “ to read codes I will post. Have fun———It’s not worth it if you don’t
  5. Knowing the last post was 6 months ago and probably solved. In an emergency, the fuel door switch is the same as the window switch. I had to trim the hole to mount a fuel door switch, used a Jaguar Series 3 window switch that I had, worked fine and all looked good
  6. Will need another day or so to find my notes, in the process of moving and notes are not where I thought. Notes have the Bosch part number and the proper order to rearrange the wiring in the original plug. This motor is the same dimensions as the original.
  7. Will post tomorrow, need to dig up the part numbers
  8. Just posted this. Just joined,evidently didn’t post correctly. Is there still interest in a direct replacement for Delco wiper motors? Have a bolt in Volkswagen unit, will post details if relevant. Uses original plug.
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