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  1. Wanting to upgrade my 2014 S. Komotec looks solid but are there any US installers?
  2. I know the slipping is a bad sign but I am not sure that definitely points toward a new clutch. I have a new issue with my 2014 S. After sitting for a few days my clutch feels loose when I get in to start the car. This has happened twice in the past week. Once I get the car going the clutch returns to full strength within 5 minutes. there is No rev slip at all. it is a little stiff changing gears until the pressure builds back up. So I am off to Lotus in Nashville Tn tuesday. They think it is a fluid issue or a master cylinder so we will see. I love this car from top to bottom so I am all in r
  3. Oh you are so right I did forget to mention that it was so easy to get in and out of the 400 versus the 14 S. If I have one major complaint it is getting in and out of my car
  4. So I am 5 months in and I love this car. now I have had a few issues but nothing too bad. There was an oil line leak that needed a gasket replacement and the dealer that had the car charged the AC too much so I had to get that sorted. AC works great now and is much better than I expected. Every time I visit the lot I look at the 400's. Is it me or has Lotus taken some short cuts on quality? I looked at a Kawasaki green 2018 and the plastic parts looked horrible to me on the exterior. I noticed less leather trim and a bit more plastic inside as well. Stickers on the rear instead of raised logo
  5. Looks great did you also do your steering wheel or did you leave it stock ?
  6. I just wanted to be sure because it seemed a little strange that the pieces fit over the original pieces so I wanted to make sure that it did not stick out too much and appear odd I also plan to order the steering wheel overlay to match everything else
  7. I am looking at the carbon fiber interior parts for my 2014 Evora S. These parts fit on top of the factory parts. Any reviews on fit and quality????? The pictures look great but I am concerned about the fit
  8. man thank you so much. i have searched all over the internet trying top figure this out. not being a mechanic has made it harder but I think I could locate the problem if I knew where to look. thanks again
  9. I am getting a weird sound when I push the throttle down full on. it sounds like a paper being blown in the wind and it slowly goes away. I saw on another forum that the throttle body coupler hose can have a hole in it from the heat. I am not a mechanic so can someone tell me where this hose is located for me to diagnose.
  10. nice to know you are out in the ever cool green. great color for this car. maybe I will see you one day at a CC
  11. Yes they are rare here. I doubt I will see very many out. Nashville Cars and Coffee rarely have a Lotus. You will see a Lamborghini and more than 1 Mclaren and several Ferrari but no Lotus. Strange as Carlock sells several Evoras a year
  12. According to TJ at Carlock (Lotus tech for 12 years) the first 2 gears are truck gears. They make a very truck like noise and when you reach third it stops. I also own a Dodge 3500 ram truck manual transmission . The noise is almost identical. My wife even picked up on it. TJ states that over the years they have received many noise complaints as well that end up being the first 2 gears. I noticed it on the first test drive and I was concerned that it was a transmission issue. The dealer and car lot are separate businesses. That was beneficial as well. Carlock would have preferred that I by the
  13. Thanks everyone. It is almost mint so I am super excited. I wanted to drive it today but it is pouring here in Kentucky
  14. Made it home last night. the trade deal is done from my Audi TTS to a low mileage Evora S. Even at 4000 miles it needs some love on the inside. Planning on an extensive leather cleaning and treatment tonight. Car is so nice I am over the moon and I officially declare that I am done with the car search. I looked at everything available in my price range and this was the winner. New tires and full service was a requirement before purchase. Thanks to Carlock motors for an excellent PPI. TJ is a great tech who knows his stuff. He even explained the first 2 gears and why they are a little noisy. I
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