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  1. Club Lotus Italia last meeting in Calabria (Italy), a glamour night in Rossano Calabro with over 25 Lotuses
  2. Roma Italy, EUR Square Coliseum and my Piece of Art
  3. A fun week end with our italian Club Lotus
  4. this is mine in signature orange, it is a recent colour and in every group of lotus it is very appreciated
  5. ciao Daniel, I wait you at the next Club Lotus Italia Speed championship track in Vallelunga (Roma) !!! Sabino
  6. A wet day on July of the italian "summer" at the Franciacorta Track ... and the day after with sun in the italian pre-alps on "Passo della Roncola" with Club Lotus Italia, nice people, nice food, nice collection of Lotus cars
  7. Enjoy,
  8. hi to all, I would like to know if the Exige Sport 350 in stock configuration has a "baffled sump". thanks in advance and good driving, Sabino.
  9. I've bought on last December the same car, with the same colour. You will collect ... a lot of fun fun fun ! Welcome and enkoy, Sabino
  10. Brenner Pass (Austria - Italy), returning from Hockenheim Historic 2019 Jim Clark Revival with Club Lotus Italia (+40 Lotus cars from Italy)
  11. Great Lotus Italia day at the Mugello circuit !! The Club Lotus Italia has started this year the LOTUS CUP ITALIA SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 for private Lotus owners (sponsorship from PB Racing). On March 10th there was the first round at Mugello, with 3 runs of 20mins dedicated to lotus private owner cars. The day was also fantastic, because there was also the presence of cars from the official Lotus Cup, driving for tests. Some of us was (I was) tutored in driving in a run, from official professional Lotus Cup drivers, from PB Racing. Enjoy the pics (more will follow as
  12. thank you Kimbers, I agree with you, the last low weight performance italian car belong to '80s with Alfaromeo and Lancia !!! But I own also the last Alfaromeo Spider model 939, very exciting for the twinspark engine and to enjoy the italian sun without the roof!!! Welcome for your "poco italiano", I've to improve my english.
  13. ciao LotusPilot, thank you for your additional infos, I’ll take care of them.
  14. it's great to stay in this forum!!! 21gg and MrP_, thank you very much for yours valuable replies. I'll check if I'll be able to do it by myself or with the support of my lotus dealer.
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