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  1. I would like to compare the stock cat with sports cat. In Italy some lotus motorsport workshops propose ever to decat, but I'm not convinced to do this, and I would like to evaluate an improvement with sport cat, because I do every year 25-30 track-day sessions (25min each session). My main trouble is that with decat, the comnpression chain from motor to exhaust exit will change, and this change will influence the software setup of the ECU (not only O-gas), interfering with the excellence of sport and race ecu lotus setup. I would like to undestand if with a sport cat I may improve the safe of the engine, because I do many track-day per year.
  2. thank you Colin. do you know how many cells have the single cat? (i.e. 600, 400 …)? I would like to understand how many the stock cat is different from a sports cat (200 cells)
  3. How many cells have the stock cat of V6 350?
  4. Club Lotus Italia last meeting in Calabria (Italy), a glamour night in Rossano Calabro with over 25 Lotuses
  5. Roma Italy, EUR Square Coliseum and my Piece of Art
  6. A fun week end with our italian Club Lotus
  7. this is mine in signature orange, it is a recent colour and in every group of lotus it is very appreciated
  8. ciao Daniel, I wait you at the next Club Lotus Italia Speed championship track in Vallelunga (Roma) !!! Sabino
  9. A wet day on July of the italian "summer" at the Franciacorta Track ... and the day after with sun in the italian pre-alps on "Passo della Roncola" with Club Lotus Italia, nice people, nice food, nice collection of Lotus cars
  10. Enjoy,
  11. hi to all, I would like to know if the Exige Sport 350 in stock configuration has a "baffled sump". thanks in advance and good driving, Sabino.
  12. I've bought on last December the same car, with the same colour. You will collect ... a lot of fun fun fun ! Welcome and enkoy, Sabino
  13. Brenner Pass (Austria - Italy), returning from Hockenheim Historic 2019 Jim Clark Revival with Club Lotus Italia (+40 Lotus cars from Italy)
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