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  1. Hi Clive, Its a 76 car, sorry I missed it in the first mails. best regards Stephen
  2. Dear Happy New Year Purchased this Elite over 1 year ago, plan to drop off the body, paint it, clean up the rolling gear for 70th celebrations. After lifting the body I decided putt the body on an Excel chassis so have the rolling gear and 2 chassis for an excel too. ie 5 speed gear box outboard rear end. Now I have a complete car in bits ready to complete someone else's project. Car had MOT when I dismantled it. Have Engine, Carbs, 4 and 5 speed gearbox, prop, diff. All rolling gear etc. Also have Excel chassis (x2) and most of the rolling gear. Open to sensible offers and better, obviously some of it is not great but all workable if cleaned up. Have the wheels too. Door- window drives and frames are good, would sell as complete doors. Wiring loom and scabby interior available as bases for refurb. Dash mainly good, with dials. Millage 70k on the clock but no idea if this is 100% correct, drove well before pulled apart. Body can go to a good home for free other parts open to sensible offers. Do not have the headlight vac units as these were knackered and already scrapped. Ask if I did not mention it, its a complete car and more. Prefer to let the stuff go to enthusiasts than kit car builders. Email me if you have any q's - [email protected]
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