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  1. Imram does good job with the instructions, and he also made two youtube videos, its pretty easy install. dont worry.
  2. So decided to give a go their 430kit next week. Will post update since its installed!
  3. So OEM has better quality binnacle is it correct? I can order OEM or Aim for the same price so thats why I am asking.. Boot up screen can be changed with Race studio in OEM and Aim also? Odometer can be set with race studio in both? thanks
  4. Alias23 thanks for trying to solve this issue, great support. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem even with the second filter?
  5. Do you think its possible to do this with this long tube? it will be very difficult tu manipulate and place it properly, what do you think?
  6. Well, after replacing the filter with more restrictive it seemed that problem is solved. But when visiting Austrian mountains it became problem again. P0174 and P0171. I am thinking of adding air straightener as you mentioned, how do I fix it in the tube? how far before MAF? thanks
  7. I asked Dave ( and he said that will add to the eshop spark plugs for v6s during weekend.
  8. Whats the diference between v6s and 430cup brakes? Calipers are same?
  9. Thanks for reply. Well I have oil temp sensors on all of my cars. I usually go to alps, and I really like to monitor the oil temp, so I can only push the car when the oil is in its operating temperature, also in very hot summer I would like to see possible too much high temp and slow down for a while.. So oil temp is essential to me. I was in hope there is easier place to mount oil temp sensor. (T at the filter etc.)
  10. Thanks Dave. What is needed? I dont have baffled sump, I dont track my car very much.
  11. Did anyone succesfuly added oil temp or oil pressure?
  12. where did you guys get air straightener?
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