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  1. I had to face same problem month ago. Going from 10w60 to 0w40. After warming up we drained oil from engine and filled with 0w40, keep running for 10mins then drained again and filled again with 0w40 including new oil filter.. I didnt want to disconnect oil cooler or hoses.
  2. Can't wait to install mine! Awesome quality of the product and even better support from Alias23!
  3. amazing pics, as always.. I remember myself during christmas 18' going through this whole thread and later in January driving 1200kms in - 15c in my new Exige from Germany. Its amazing how many mods you did to the car and it is still getting better and better. you have nitrons 3 way? I am thinking about pulling a trigger on them, but I drive mostly alpine B roads.. so
  4. there were also 10w60 recommendations. so thats why. my question is whats if its safe to switch from 10w60 to 0w40/5w40 and if yes, if that does make sense
  5. My car is 2014 V6 and about 30tkm. 10W60 was used all the time depending on service records. I think that its too thick for my spirited and alpine driving. Do you guys think it would be good idea to switch to Mobil 1 0W40 / 5W40 or stick with 10W60 Castrol Edge. thanks
  6. had this issue. contact cleaner on throttle body connector + obd reader to clear codes solved it
  7. thanks for reply. keep us informed
  8. so for b roads and alpine roads is komotec 430 worth?
  9. is there any obd2 bt adapter working with torque and able to read and erase codes?
  10. where do you store the soft top? I was thinking about putting it behind the seats for longer trips. Will it fit?
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