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  1. I am really interested in ohlins. Got them on my previous mx5 NC turbo, really transfered the car to another level of comfort
  2. Thanks for info about Nitron vs Ohlins. Which one would you pick mostly for b roads? Also compared to 1way Nitrons. Thanks
  3. Thanks. Dont you have some pictures from the removal or before and after the position of steering wheel? Thanks
  4. Thanks for great info. Is it necessary to remove some interior parts or is it accessible from bottom. How long it takes to you?
  5. Everyone thanks for info. My friend who has 3D printer sent me spare parts. We fixed inner part with screw. Works brilliant. We are working on more things, lowering rails etc. Stay tuned 🙂
  6. Can you tell me more how to raise steering column? Is it for exige S? This is the diagram Is it necessary in number (3) and (16) or only 3? How thick was the washer? Thanks Thanks
  7. Did you guys find a solution? I am about to order these for my v6s... Thanks
  8. I was collecting my exige on wednesday, driving it home 900km, on Corsa tires, in -10C and when I was going to refuel Fuel cap broke. I read that its common issue. Is there any solution? In mine only Black part is broken
  9. Thank you! Yes, I am 187cm, 6'2'' long body.. 95kg.. I tried my friends Cup, and probably will go with soft top a d maybe lower seats. Tillet is option, but I am buying car with nice tan interior (-: so I will try to use Spacer and maybe some kind of home made mounts for seats..
  10. I have same problem as you. Did you lowered the seat?
  11. Hi, I am currently getting my Exige S next week, I am 187cm (6'2'') longer body. Today I test fitted my friends EX430Cup headroom is tight but is manageable (will get softop, probably most of the time roofless driving.) Probably will get lowering brackets for seats or hardmount seats to the floor, which can get another 2'' Question is, I want to keep airbag function, and use stock steering wheel, but I need it to be closer to me, so I would like to use spacer + stock wheel. I found somewhere guy using this spacer with stock wheel Do you think it would work on exige S? Thanks (getting little bit nervous about fitting..
  12. Same for me. I am collecting my exige next week, looking for soft top 😉
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