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  1. 13 hours ago, Seriouslylotus said:

    You will need

    Aim CAN expander, Aim channel expander, Pressure and temp sensors, suitable aim cables for the sensors, Boss welding into the sump (or a baffled sump with boss already fitted) I also always mount the pressure sensor at the end of a braided hose, We found the vibrations from the engine destroys sensors, T piece for the oil sensor.

    I would ask why do you need oil pressure and temp sensors if you dont go on track very much?

    Thanks for reply. 

    Well I have oil temp sensors on all of my cars. I usually go to alps, and I really like to monitor the oil temp, so I can only push the car when the oil is in its operating temperature, also in very hot summer I would like to see possible too much high temp and slow down for a while.. So oil temp is essential to me. I was in hope there is easier place to mount oil temp sensor. (T at the filter etc.) 

  2. On 18/03/2020 at 12:48, Seriouslylotus said:

    Just in the process of adding some additional sensors to the Elise, So once i update the software i will let you know what they look like on the AIM dash

    GPS is on there to support track times, It was never intended to give locations (other than the track name) The software doesn't have mapping like a sat nav etc etc.

    thats interesting. oil temp and pressure would be great

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