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  1. The 2020 Evora GT here in the US is sold at MSRP. They won't entertain any idea of a discount. There are only few at around 102,000 US dollars but most are priced 110k - 117k. Meanwhile the 2017 Evora 400 in the used market are priced from 70k to 95k....some priced in the low to mid 70s have 2k - 6k miles on them.
  2. If I get the GT I will probably swap my engine covers and put the red one on my 400. However, it is not a deal breaker. Enjoy!
  3. I think they believe is a comfort thing. LOL Personally, I don't like the cover painted red, the finish is awful it lacks quality. I'm also not fan of the interior color inserts. I wonder if you can order the GT without that.
  4. It goes both ways. They rip what they sow. Don't be bias
  5. Yes, father I will follow your orders and pick up the phone, etc. Dude, go lecture someone else. LOL....I expect good manners, something that seems to be out of style by many. I heard it is also a fun car to drive.
  6. My post was a question to a dealer that knows the exact info but I get a smart ass response from a arm chair Lotus insider. I don't need to "do some research" when there is a dealer in this thread talking about it. To each its own dude, live and let live. I hear you. Maybe consider it when the GT has the same $20k discount next year? hahaha
  7. Who knows, that is just speculation. It could be a heavier/bigger version of the Evora but more refined to satisfy the fat bods of Americans that never fitted on the Elise, Exige and have trouble with the Evora.
  8. Is this just for California? --- 416bhp (CARB)
  9. Great picture! My little boy (RIP 2017) and Little girl (RIP 2014)
  10. There is a brand new Lotus model coming at the end of 2020 (Based on the Evora platform) that will be the only car from Lotus until the new models/platform arrive.
  11. I think he needs to take his medicine.
  12. Unless is crack ...Probably just prescription medicine. 😂
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