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  1. Unless is crack ...Probably just prescription medicine.
  2. We will never know if he would or not.
  3. SUV Never going to happen! Well, most SUVs are not proper off roaders (except for the Range Rover)...However, something like the Range Rover Defender or like the Jeep Wrangler, I can support that.
  4. IMO I hope Lotus does not build a SUV... That would be a sin and an insult to Colin Chapman's legacy. Lotus is not Porsche or Lamborghini.
  5. I wouldn't want one but I thought they were going to do that, like Lamborghini and Porsche.
  6. Exactly China was like the Egyptians, Romans, Mayans, England, Spain.......but we are not living in the past like many do. Oh please can we stop the America hate....You responded to my comment, that it was not directed to you. So, sure we can move on.
  7. Let see, China was and still is being built with America's money and stolen technology. Chinese Billionaires still want to invest in the US first.
  8. 1. The USA is not the center of the world...Just the DADDY of the world. 2. Lotus direction is to compete with Ferrari likes....FACT (Geely CEO stated it) So cars are will be out of reach for most people in the US and around the world. 3. The ones that drink beer instead of water, tea instead of milk and worry about stats (Premier League) are the Brits. We want to complain because it is our right here to express our points of view and mostly because we have money to burn.
  9. "Just the way Mr. President likes it".....Like Obama and his cash for clunkers --- GTFO with political BS on a car forum.
  10. Congrats!....Great car, excellent color. I currently have an Evora 400 (same color but all red though, silver wheels) but I had a 2011 Evora NA in black, beautiful color too.
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