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  1. Hi all, Car is about to go back to B&C for it's running in service and I'm considering the TRD airbox. Is it worth it? Just looking for a bit more SC whine! Many thanks Ian
  2. It’s a gorgeous colour and clearly unique, if it’s the only one! Thanks for the info, I might have to do a factory visit to check out the colours. Thanks again, really appreciate the information.
  3. What colour interior pack did you go for, Fire Red, looks like it is? I’m toying between Essex Blue, with yellow interior pack and calipers, or Fire Red with unknown interior pack and calipers!
  4. Has anyone seen, or have a photo of a Cup 250 in Fire Red? i’ve tried searching, but can only find an Exige! thanks
  5. Dammit, that’s not going to work, even with ramps, the front angle is just too tight. I’ll have to reconsider, or store under a cover outside, which I really didn’t want to do.... Thanks for the reply. 👍
  6. Hi, The driveway I have has a relatively steep incline and then levels out before the garage. Anyone know how much ground clearance there is with the Cup 250, if I reverse it on? I’m assuming i’ll need ramps, but I can’t try this out during a test drive, so trying to cover every base! thanks!
  7. Carbon aero kit is a nice option, it’s on my list! Trying to find a decent dealer in the Essex area at the moment, someone who has something to test drive, not easy.
  8. Thank you! Looks like you’ve had a few bits colour coded as well, very jealous. Looking for ideas on spec etc. at the moment, so will do some forum searching, but would also welcome comments from people, if you can spare the time!
  9. Hi all, Total newbie here, looking to purchase a Cup 250 later this year. What colour is this please, it looks stunning!? thanks Ian
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