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  1. Thanks a lot Roy, I hope you enjoy them. Looks like I won't be building the Elite for myself after all. Oh well I'll just have put put the money into one of my other projects! Thanks a lot, Rob
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies, much appreciated. I'm thinking the best thing would be to offer it for sale in the US. Its a US spec car, so makes sense, and bringing it to the UK will only add to my costs. So if anybody in the US is after a esprit project, message me. I understand I needs a lot of work, but it's a good solid base for restoration. Open to offers.. Thanks a lot, Rob
  3. Messaged you Tony , but not sure if you got it or not , cheers , Rob
  4. I have looked at prices, but to be honest I haven't come across many projects, so found this one hard to price. What about if I sold it as found? As in, non running. 8k - 10k US? Thanks for your input! Rob
  5. Thanks a lot !! Who knows what car the ignition switches are from for the esprit and elite ? The cars I bought have no keys , so I'll need to replace them , I'm guessing I'll need the whole steering lock and switch ....? Thanks , Rob
  6. Hi everyone . Here's a couple of pictures of the S1 being moved , and the Merak now safely in my friend's garage . they had sat for a long time but rolled nice and easily . As you can see the big US spec front bumper on the S1 has fallen off . Dies anyone know where I can get a US spec or euro one ? Thanks , Rob
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone . o was unsure how desirable a LHD S1 would be over here . Tony , I've messaged you , Roy , Tony was first . but difficult to say how much I want until I've seen it and can properly asses it . Cheers , Rob
  8. Hi everyone , new to the forum as I have just purchased a pair of Lotus' . I hope you don't mind me starting off with a help request ! I import a few cars a year from the USA , mostly Chevy and Dodge vans , but a month or so ago I got offered a small collection of 4 cars . A 1973 triumph Spitfire , 1974 Lotus Elite , 1978 Lotus Esprit S1 and a 74 Maserati Merak . A friend in California went to view them and I have now bought them . wasn't really sure about the Spitfire and Elite , as they're not really money makers , but the rules were , buy all 4 , or none at all . So I'm looking to
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