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  1. Still a fair way to go, but it did make it to its first show!
  2. After a bit of an hiatus, there are a few bits going back on now (smallest always take the longest time). A few more photos of the progress.... Headlight backing plates and adjusters replaced/rebuilt...
  3. Early start this morning - picking up a few bits from the powder-coaters.
  4. Bolted a few bits back on this afternoon. Its squeezed in the garage, but I couldn't resist a few pictures of the finish.
  5. I sincerely hope so, but I've organised an E30 M3 to be on standby just in case!
  6. Thank you Filip - I think that I might well try that as a temporary solution, as I can always get it re-veneered at a later date. Its now home from the trimmers and on axle stands while the wheels are being powder coated. Just need to find some tyres next.....
  7. Bit of tinkering before the car comes home tomorrow - scraping the old veneer from the dash (anyone just lacquered the bard masks?) and rebuilding the headlong mounting panels.
  8. Quick visit to the trimmers today. Seats being tensioned and carpets nearly done.
  9. It went straight from the paint shop to the trimmers, so hasn't been home yet! I'll get some pics as soon as I get it back
  10. Hi chaps, the respray was done by Clint Drake at Wild West Custom paint in Exeter. Absolutely lovely bloke, and the job is excellent. I stripped the car right down (especially enjoyed taking the bumpers off!) and paid 2.5k, plus a couple if extras (specialist glass removal etc) albeit that it was done as a 'hospital' job as and when he had a bit of free space. Would thoroughly recommend him to anyone in the area (he did work to my TVR and 944, both of which were every bit as good). Cheers, Steve
  11. I purchased an '89 Turbo SE a short while ago, which was featured in the first issue of Absolute Lotus. It was more of a 'straw-filled' garage find, than a barn find, but through a very sad turn of events, had sat under a tarpaulin for 10 years or so. The car has been in the same family from new. The car had an engine rebuild before becoming tarpaulin-bound, but seems only to have done 5 miles or since (so the belt and hoses need doing). Whilst everything us there, including the original dealer plates, tool kit etc, the method of storage has meant it's in a sorry old state. In the last couple of months, I've part-stripped it, it's been to the paint shop and is having new carpets and seats. It should be coming home next week, then needs to be rebuilt (after a couple of little things, such as the removal of the engine and tanks!) By the end of next month for my God-Daughter's prom Deep breath.....
  12. V8lightweight


  13. Thank you guys. A friend of mine has a Cerbera and an Esprit Turbo - he says that the TVR is more potent, but that he prefers the lotus for its smoothness. He's confident that I'll agree!
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