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  2. Thank you guys. A friend of mine has a Cerbera and an Esprit Turbo - he says that the TVR is more potent, but that he prefers the lotus for its smoothness. He's confident that I'll agree!
  3. Hi, I've posted a couple of times, but thought that it would be worth saying hello properly, because I've purchased myself a real predicament! Over the last couple of years, I've rebuilt my Chimaera 500 and, having work with TVRs some years ago, and it being my perfect combo of 5ltr engine, imperial blue with mag. hide, I thought that for sentimental reasons, I'd never sell it. Trouble is, a one-family-owner from new, genuine 'barn find' Turbo SE cropped up a couple of months ago - which is I've car that always loved and hankered after. The Lotus is in a bit of a state as it has been sat in a barn for 10/15 years and is being stripped down for a refurb, but I've managed to persuade my long suffering wife to let me keep both, until the Lotus is done, so that I can drive them back to back, to see which one will stay and which one will take a trip to Pistonheads! I'm really intrigued as to how the Turbo SE will drive, as the Chimaera is truly brutal and one hell of an adrenaline rush to drive, but is very (very) loose, especially on greasy days. Watch this space!
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