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  1. Having plugged in the OBD2 interface, the fault is apparently a P0420, "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)". Has anyone experienced something like this?
  2. This evening the 'check engine' light came on in my 2013 Elise S (ironically on the way back from a visit to Classic Team Lotus in Hethel - hence a randomly chosen pic from many below - I thought the "engine to car ratio" was amusing!). Seeing as the last time I took my "under warranty" to a certain nearby Lotus garage they charged me about £80 to plug in an OBD2 reader "because diagnostics isn't covered by the warranty", I'd rather do it myself (and they didn't even wash the car). I saw that someone elsewhere in this forum has this one. I'm assuming that as long as it talks to my Android phone OK, pretty much any OBD2 reader should do the job? I'm guessing all it does is read the codes and spit them out as a Bluetooth signal.
  3. About 4 hours later, I went back to the car, and before I unlocked it thought I'd check if the needles were still doing their dance - they weren't, but the yellow check engine light (cog with a ! in the middle) was illuminated. I unlocked it and started it as normal, but, as expected, none of the instruments illuminated or worked. The lights worked ok and the car ran perfectly - just nothing but the check engine light in the instrument cluster. The tacho/speedo needles did not move at all from their zero positions, and the odometer LED section did not illuminate at all. I drove the ~2 mile trip home very very gently in case there was some major problem that would be exacerbated by anything enthusiastic - not that I'd do enthusiastic driving before the engine warmed up - the 'cold engine' light was not illuminated of course! The car is under warranty so I'll call the dealer when they open to see what can be done. Just thought it'd be interesting to hear if anyone else has experienced something similar. I've trawled through this forum and elsewhere, but can't find anyone having the same problem. (It did occur to me that I should shoot some video of the erratic speedo/tacho behaviour; my nephew recently requested that I shoot some video - while driving - showing the speedo and the rapid acceleration. I declined of course, but thought the speedo going from 0 to 80mph in about 1.5 seconds would make for some interesting viewing for him!)
  4. Hello, Today I unlocked my Elise S (S3), got in, turned the key, and... lights on the instrument cluster at all. But the Speedo and tacho started swinging from 0 to about the 10 o'clock position and back to 0, about once every 3 seconds. The odometer display was completely dead. So I started it anyway (suspecting boring would happen and a dead battery was the problem) and it turned over rapidly and sprung into life. I drive a short trip (2 miles) and everything behaved perfectly - except the instruments which remains the same - both needles sweeping and no other lights at all. I got to my destination and switched the engine off... The sweeping needles continued. I got out the car and locked it... Still the needles continued sweeping. Any thoughts on what on earth is going on? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  5. Just watched that (very emotional) episode here:
  6. I'm guessing by the lack of replies that nobody else has had any success getting an Android phone to play through the Alpine in my 2013 Elise S3. I'd like to replace the Alpine CDE-111RM with a DAB unit with Bluetooth and a mic somewhere (so I can use my phone hands-free), but have read conflicting things about people using the existing antenna, and various things about problems with a DAB antenna being mounted on a non-metallic body. Has anyone here fitted a DAB radio/antenna to an Elise S3 and feels like giving me some advice? Thanks, Paul
  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any success playing music from an Android phone (mine's a Samsung Galaxy S8 running stock Android 8.0.0) through the USB ports - either the one in the far side of the dashboard, or the one on the front of the radio unit? I'm guessing the Alpine CDE-111RM is standard fitment on the Elise S (mine's a 2013). I either get nothing at all, or an error on the display of the Alpine unit. I've tried changing the 'USB configuration' under 'Developer Options' on my phone (I tried setting it to 'MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)' and 'Audio Source' - they seemed to be the most relevant) but that had no effect. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is the only solution to swap it for something newer with DAB and Bluetooth? Thanks in advance for any help! ~ Paul
  8. I drove a ~100 mile trip today, and saw, on one short road, a Red Elan (original type, not M100), a yellow Elise S1 (with French plates), and a silver Elise S2, not all together. It was in Norfolk, on the road between Swaffham and Stoke Ferry.
  9. And talking of anniversaries, this year is also the 20th anniversary of the M250. I plonked down a deposit the moment I saw it at the motorshow in Earl's Court back in 1999...luckily I was not one of those who lost that deposit when one of the dealers went broke!
  10. TA DAAA! My super duper supercharged Elise S! I worked on the theory that, supposedly, if you buy something like a 134bhp CR, then in a year or so you'll want a few more bhp, and we all know that selling/buying a car loses a few £grand, so I talked myself into spending a bit(!) extra and going for something that already has ~220bhp*! Tragically the rain today meant I couldn't really unleash all those horses (I'm new to this "amusing" power/weight ratio world, remember!) but I am certainly looking forward to having some fun in this soon! (How many exclamation marks have I used in today's posts?!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would've thought I'm kinda excited!!!!) *Yes, yes, I're going to say that this time next year I'll be sniffing around some crazy-bhp Exiges.......!
  11. Absolutely!! I'll be picking it up (the car, not the grin!) on Saturday, at Stratton's open day. That's if I can wait that long, and don't demand to have it sooner!
  12. Well, I didn't end up travelling much - just 11 miles to Stratton, and today, this was me. And yes - ended up with a similar epic fail and spending far more than my original budget! Anyone care to guess what I bought?!
  13. I'll be there! I am currently Lotusless, but intend to correct that very soon.
  14. Oooh thanks for letting me know about that! I'll definitely try to get there for at least some of the fun in the morning - I'm off on a tour of RAF Neatishead nuclear bunker that day too - Norfolk has too many things to do! I've visited Strattons before - I inherited an underwhelming Aston Martin DB7 a couple of years ago and Strattons were mildly interested in purchasing it/selling it for me or swapping it for something Lotusy. If things worked out differently, I should have done a swap for a Lotus...just a bit of a difference from a flabby V12 DB7 to a wonderfully lightweight, tight Lotus!
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