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  1. Just watched that (very emotional) episode here:
  2. I'm guessing by the lack of replies that nobody else has had any success getting an Android phone to play through the Alpine in my 2013 Elise S3. I'd like to replace the Alpine CDE-111RM with a DAB unit with Bluetooth and a mic somewhere (so I can use my phone hands-free), but have read conflicting things about people using the existing antenna, and various things about problems with a DAB antenna being mounted on a non-metallic body. Has anyone here fitted a DAB radio/antenna to an Elise S3 and feels like giving me some advice? Thanks, Paul
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any success playing music from an Android phone (mine's a Samsung Galaxy S8 running stock Android 8.0.0) through the USB ports - either the one in the far side of the dashboard, or the one on the front of the radio unit? I'm guessing the Alpine CDE-111RM is standard fitment on the Elise S (mine's a 2013). I either get nothing at all, or an error on the display of the Alpine unit. I've tried changing the 'USB configuration' under 'Developer Options' on my phone (I tried setting it to 'MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)' and 'Audio Source' - they seemed to be the most relevant) but that had no effect. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or is the only solution to swap it for something newer with DAB and Bluetooth? Thanks in advance for any help! ~ Paul
  4. I drove a ~100 mile trip today, and saw, on one short road, a Red Elan (original type, not M100), a yellow Elise S1 (with French plates), and a silver Elise S2, not all together. It was in Norfolk, on the road between Swaffham and Stoke Ferry.
  5. And talking of anniversaries, this year is also the 20th anniversary of the M250. I plonked down a deposit the moment I saw it at the motorshow in Earl's Court back in 1999...luckily I was not one of those who lost that deposit when one of the dealers went broke!
  6. TA DAAA! My super duper supercharged Elise S! I worked on the theory that, supposedly, if you buy something like a 134bhp CR, then in a year or so you'll want a few more bhp, and we all know that selling/buying a car loses a few £grand, so I talked myself into spending a bit(!) extra and going for something that already has ~220bhp*! Tragically the rain today meant I couldn't really unleash all those horses (I'm new to this "amusing" power/weight ratio world, remember!) but I am certainly looking forward to having some fun in this soon! (How many exclamation marks have I used in today's posts?!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would've thought I'm kinda excited!!!!) *Yes, yes, I're going to say that this time next year I'll be sniffing around some crazy-bhp Exiges.......!
  7. Absolutely!! I'll be picking it up (the car, not the grin!) on Saturday, at Stratton's open day. That's if I can wait that long, and don't demand to have it sooner!
  8. Well, I didn't end up travelling much - just 11 miles to Stratton, and today, this was me. And yes - ended up with a similar epic fail and spending far more than my original budget! Anyone care to guess what I bought?!
  9. I'll be there! I am currently Lotusless, but intend to correct that very soon.
  10. Oooh thanks for letting me know about that! I'll definitely try to get there for at least some of the fun in the morning - I'm off on a tour of RAF Neatishead nuclear bunker that day too - Norfolk has too many things to do! I've visited Strattons before - I inherited an underwhelming Aston Martin DB7 a couple of years ago and Strattons were mildly interested in purchasing it/selling it for me or swapping it for something Lotusy. If things worked out differently, I should have done a swap for a Lotus...just a bit of a difference from a flabby V12 DB7 to a wonderfully lightweight, tight Lotus!
  11. Hello all, Thought I'd introduce myself! A year or so I moved to Norwich, and that seems like a good enough reason to "buy local" and get a Lotus, don't you think?* So I've come along here to get some general advice on buying my first Lotus. Sadly, I've left it until the sun is poking its rays through the clouds to get my act together, which is surely the worst time to buy a sunny-day-weekend-car! *...and ever since I test drove one many years ago, plus a driving experience day at Hethel in an Exige Sport 350 I've been keen to get one! ~ Paul
  12. Thanks all for the welcome! I'm STILL looking around for an Elise - probably not the ideal time of year to do so! One thing that baffles me - many S2 Elises from 10+ years ago seem about the same price as a far more recent S3. Here are a couple of typical examples, separated by 6 years, 100 miles and five quid: S2, 2006, 134bhp, 66,900miles, £18,995 S3, 2012, 134bhp, 67,000 miles £18,990 This just seems very weird to there a logical explanation? I'm not over keen on buying something over a decade old. Another question while I'm here - are the seats in a Club Racer as uncomfortable as they look? I've never experienced them in real life. (I'd only be doing relatively short journeys - I hardly have the need to drive at all - I either work from home or get the train in to London, so have no need for a boring commuter car).
  13. Thanks everyone for your advice and encouragement - and warnings about the addictive nature of Lotus ownership! @Stuart Monument Hmmm...yes, I wouldn't say no to a "poke around" in your Elise(s)!
  14. I was living in London back in 2003 when the first congestion charge was introduced. Before its introduction the politicians involved kept harping on about it not being a stealth tax, but was designed to deter people from driving into central London. And after it was introduced, it worked! Fewer people drove into central London. But because, as we all know, that was just a lie and it was another rip-off scheme, the government had to give £millions to the company who ran the scheme, because not enough people were driving into central London! What a farce. But what can you do? If we had some kind of democracy, then maybe we'd have some say in the matter, but as long as we live in this hideous dictatorship, not much will happen...unless we have a revolution!
  15. Hello, I am interested in buying my first Lotus, and hoped I might be able to get some views/input/ideas from some more experienced Lotus owners here. I've test-driven an Elise (long time ago, Elise S1 - it was fantastic) and have also had the fun of a day at Hethel in an Exige 360 (incredible, amazing) and now I think it's about time I got one of my own. I've a budget of about £20,000 - or less, preferably, and have taken a nose through the ads on Autotrader, PistonHeads and I'd plan to use it as my only car, but I live in a city (Norwich, so plenty of countryside roads nearby) and generally only drive very few miles, so could live with the impracticalities. It would mainly be for fun, plus the occasional trip to Sainsbury's (which could also be fun, trying to fit the shopping in ). Things to consider: I wouldn't want to spend my weekends entertaining myself taking the engine out and tweaking things - I'm happy to do stuff like changing spark plugs, but changing a camshaft isn't something I'd be happy to take on, so I want the car to be reasonably reliable. I've jumped to the conclusion that the Rover engine is less reliable than the Toyota one from previous experience of UK vs. Japanese cars - maybe I'm just being prejudiced here? I'd prefer it not to depreciate excessively. I've seen the prices that S1 Elises go for these days and wish I'd bought one a few years back! Is it likely that S2 Elises will hold their value in future? I know I said £20K budget for an Elise, but is this Exige at £23,495 too good to be true? Or about right for one of that age? Well, enough of my rambling on...I just thought I'd ask here in case anyone wants to chime in with a bit of advice. Thanks! ~ Paul
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