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  1. I spotted a handsome metallic grey Elise S2 in the car park of the UEA sportspark in Norwich on Thursday evening - it matched my metallic grey Elise beautifully (I should have taken a photo of them both together!).
  2. LOL! Let's add this to the list (below) of made-up press articles on non-existent "EU rules"! It's amusing how gullible the UK public is - it must be hilarious working for The Sun/Daily Fail/etc, getting drunk over lunch while making up these ridiculous "laws" and putting it in a story, only to hear irate, tory-voting, brexshit-supporting readers phoning in to Jeremy Vine the next day, getting all hot under their xenophobic, Boris-loving, gammony collars about the "EU banning same-sex flats" or "EU funding for African trapeze artists"! I would say "you couldn't make it up!" but that's exactly what the UK press does on a daily basis! 🤣
  3. The butyric acid that is created during whatever process American "chocolate" manufacturers use on the milk is what gives it the vomit smell - it is exactly the same acid that is found in vomit and parmesan cheese. From Wikipedia: It is found in animal fat and plant oils, bovine milk, breast milk, butter, parmesan cheese, body odor, vomit, and as a product of anaerobic fermentation (including in the colon). mmmmm lovely! Bizarrely, some American "chocolate" manufacturers, trying to replicate that delicious Hershey's vomit-taste actually add butyric acid deliberately. I'm not sure what the exact process is - maybe they just ensure some of the factory workers are perpetually unwell and get them to puke into the vats of "chocolate".
  4. Yes - I used to regularly consume one of those massive bars of Whole Nut over the course of a few days, but since Mondelez (the company who own Kraft) changed the recipe, Cadbury's "chocolate" now tastes almost as bad as American "chocolate", with that unmistakable tang of vomit, caused by the addition of butyric acid. I lived in the US for a few years, and had the misfortune of occasionally tasting the foul toxin known as "chocolate" over there. I'd challenge any Brit to eat a whole bar of the stuff without puking.
  5. Hello, I'm hoping someone might know the exact size/type of screw that holds the three heater knobs on, on an Elise S3. The fan speed knob has fallen off, and the screw that holds it in place is missing. I could take one of the other knobs off and try to measure the tiny screw, but if anyone knows the exact spec then I'd be very grateful to know so I can try to get a new screw. Thanks in advance for any help! ~ Paul
  6. I'm planning to pop along to Stratton Motors next Friday to take a peek at the Evija. I have a theory about cars in photos and real life: Dull cars look better in photos/on video than in real life. Exciting cars look better in real life and photos/video just can't capture the drama.
  7. Nope, that's just a wide angle lens on a crappy phone distorting the back end. I have some gorgeous 8K(!) RED camera footage here showing that exact yellow car looking nicely proportioned at the back. And no, I'm not going to post any of it here!
  8. I said there would be a yellow one appearing soon! I worked on that video 😁!
  9. This colour scheme might be making an appearance in a video soon.
  10. One thing that baffles me about the development of the Evija is the complete absence of any spy shots or similar anywhere on t'internet. It's quite normal to see photos pop up of forthcoming models, usually disguised with lumpy bodywork, being tested in varied conditions around the world. Are we to assume that the Evija either hasn't been tested on the open road at all, or is so well disguised that people think they're looking at some other car? Is Lotus just gong to rely on its customers to do the testing? As much as I love my Elise, the niggles do bother me occasionally, but I can live with them. If I paid £1.7 million for a car, it'd need to have zero defects. How can a manufacturer produce such a vehicle if it hasn't been through rigorous testing? Maybe someone here will prove me wrong - perhaps there has been a lot of testing, and I just don't know about it. I read about some testing in December: "Following extensive simulations, plus initial on-track sessions in the UK and Italy, Lotus has now rolled out the most complete version of the car built to date" (from this article). But driving on a couple of tracks is very different from driving thousands of miles in arctic or desert conditions. A large percentage of these cars will, no doubt, spend some of their lives being thrashed along baking-hot middle-eastern highways.
  11. My Ctek MXS3.8 arrived today. I've connected the adapter cable to the battery, and saw that a previous owner had presumably done something similar...when I thought "how shall I feed the cable out through the battery box?" I noticed a perfectly-sized square hole cut into it to feed the cable through! I tested out the mains cable routing, and it appears that the rear lid will close perfectly with the cable fed out through the seal, thanks in part to those Lotus panel gaps! The next job is to route some mains power so I don't have to have an extension lead sprawling all over the place.
  12. I've got a Ctek charger on its way to me - I'll update this post on how well it performs. (Just need to drill through an external wall, run a cable, install a fused isolator and external socket now...!)
  13. Hello, I'm sure many of us are in a similar situation at the moment - Lotus sitting there, eagerly waiting for somewhere to go! So I'm looking to get a trickle charger - my battery has gone flat twice in the past year (luckily when the car's been at home). So I'd like to get a trickle charger, but would like to find one with a lead permanently connected to the battery, so I can open the bonnet and plug the charger in, rather than trying to crocodile-clip it on to the battery under its cover. Can anyone recommend any suitable chargers that have this? I'm happy to have the lead just dangling in the boot when not in use - I'm not looking to install some kind of external connection to the car. Alternatively, has anyone had any success charging via the cigarette lighter? But I assume that's not live when the ignition is off - I haven't checked. It's a 2013 Elise S. Thanks in advance for any advice! ~ Paul
  14. Have I stumbled into a forum full of Daily Mail-reading tories? Why would anyone possibly not hate Johnson? He basically had two things to do in this crisis: Isolate people (herd immunity - remember that?) Provide the NHS with what they need (ventilators from the EU, anyone?) He's failed on both counts. Does nobody here realise he is killing people? I think a little hate in his direction is the least we can do.
  15. If you're expecting a big reaction to your "Boris tested positive" post, I think most people's reaction is either: Meh. Good. Hope it dies. Really? I thought Covid-19 only infected humans. Lazy lying bastard - bet it hasn't got it and is just using it as an excuse to do bugger all. Interesting how one of the least vital people in the country manage to get tested while our emergency workers are abandoned.
  16. I'm a self-employed sole trader. Yes, I could declare things illegally as expenses, and yes, I could just lie about my income. But I don't, because I'm not a c**t. I am regularly contaced by 'umbrella companies' offering convoluted, semi-legal methods to circumvent taxes. I'd rather not. I make, when the work comes in, a decent living. Sometimes I have no work for weeks, sometimes I'm working 14 hour days to keep up. Unsurprisingly, work has completely evaporated now, but I still need to pay the mortgage, bills and feed myself and the dog. Yes, there are certainly arseholes cheating the system, and they should be punished to the full extent of the law. But please don't rope all sole traders in together. I paid my tax to bail out the millionaire hedge fund traders when their bonuses dropped to just few hundred grand, poor souls. I pay my taxes to fund the NHS (even though I know that DePfeffel, Branson & co. are just syphoning most of the cash into their offshore dirty money accounts). And of course I voted Labour in the last election (and COVERED my house with posters to encourage others to do so too - I live next door to the polling station) in an attempt to even out our ridiculous economy and remove this evil disgusting fascist Cummings from power.
  17. Nope. Just no. You going to start on faked moon landings next?
  18. Probably genuine, but even if it's attention seeking, this girl needs all the attention she can muster to get her message across to everyone. In my opinion she can do no wrong and should be promoted to Queen of the World and put in charge of pretty much everything (she'd certainly do an infinitely better job of running the UK and the USA instead of our current idiots!).
  19. I'd combine it with something useful - I'll be getting some groceries for some people in my street, but just taking a slightly longer route perhaps.
  20. On a more Lotus-y note, I visited this forum today wondering if anyone had any thoughts along the lines of: Lotus on the driveway/in the garage Roads are pretty much empty Petrol is apparently getting cheaper Driving doesn't (usually) involve close contact with other people The sun is out and the roads are dry ...anyone else see where I'm going (possibly literally!) here? Would it be selfish/unreasonable/silly to 'take the long route' if I need to buy something essential? The only problem that could arise would be if any of this resulted in hospitalisation as a result of a silly crash.
  21. Hello, I've been having a persistent P0420 engine warning code for a few months now. I've had the O2 sensors replaced, but the issue still remains, and from a recent inspection, looks like I probably need a new cat, despite the car having done only 20,000 miles. I am curious how much this should cost me (parts + labour + VAT). I have the 2bular 8" standard 2ZR-FE road rear exhaust box (a pointless piece of kit whose sole purpose seems to be to make long journeys a droney, noisy nightmare). The cost of the replacement cat may or may not be covered under the car's warranty - unbelievably, the garage I spoke to say that the warranty will only decide whether or not they'll pay out AFTER the work's been done. Anyway, seeing as I'm presumably going to end up getting the thing replaced anyway, is there any mileage in opting for something like a 2bular 2ZR HJS HD Catalyser to OEM manifold ( instead of the bog-standard item? Or is this just another noise-inducing thing? Any advice would be very welcome! ...getting very pissed off that my Lotus is living up to its traditional acronym.
  22. Hello, Last Sunday I decided to go to a very damp, very slippery Snetterton for an RMA track day. After the very brief briefing, I fitted the front towing eye, as is required. Well, I attempted to fit it - the plastic screw-in bung in the hole where the towing eye goes was impossible to remove without breaking the head off the thing. So I was left with a hole filled with the remains of the plastic bung. Cue a lot of help from some fantastic people, and after about an hour we managed to get the plastic mess out and the towing eye (just about) screwed in. I'd missed my booking with an instructor, so spent the remainder of the time tip-toeing around the unfamiliar track, slightly overcooking it each time I gave it some welly/braked aggressively. It was miserable. Anyway, I still have the towing eye screwed in the front - I don't want to remove it and have the hole get a good soaking each time I take the car out and rust the thread in there. I thought of just putting an M8 bolt in there (liberally coated with some grease maybe), but assume some kind of plastic thing would provide a better seal and be less prone to corrosion - I just wouldn't wang it in with as much force as the factory/whoever last took it out did! On the upside, I was glad to have found this problem while at a track with plenty of assistance on hand from a Lotus engineer and some tools loaned by a McLaren race team, rather than stuck at the roadside somewhere! So - long story short - anyone know where I can buy something suitable?
  23. Having plugged in the OBD2 interface, the fault is apparently a P0420, "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)". Has anyone experienced something like this?
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