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  1. Yep, definitely an N/A. Andrew sent me a whole bunch of photos of the engine bay and there's no turbocharger! It does have SE wheels though, which I understand were fitted by a previous owner. Maybe the fogs were added at the same time? Apparently the car has all the receipts for previous work , so maybe this will reveal the answer.... Does the CL mag you're referring to have the ad from when the car was being sold by Paul Matty? Would be interesting to know how much it was up for and when! Cheers.
  2. Yes, that's the car. It sounds like a cracker and Andrew is a really nice chap to deal with, which always helps! If all goes well, the deal will be done tomorrow and I'll be picking the car up the following weekend. Ian - I'll let you know the plan as it would be good to meet up on the way back. Cheers all, Darren.
  3. Hi All, After a period on the dark side (i.e. Ferrari ownership), I'm just about to come back to the Esprit. And to be honest, should never have left. The Ferrari was a great car, just not the same! Anyway, I'm off down to Devon on Saturday to hopefully seal the deal on a G reg, N/A Stevens. I think the car is known on the forum; it's a distinctive bronze with red leather interior. Sold by Paul Matty's not that long ago and only being sold by the current owner, Andrew, as he's now bought a V8. Wish me luck and for those meeting up before the Breakfast club on Sunday, see you there! I'll be the odd one out in a white Elise S
  4. Does anyone object to me gatecrashing this in my Elise?!! I'm back in the market for an Esprit after a period on the dark side (i.e. Ferrari ownership) so would be good to meet up with you all. Cheers, Darren.
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys. I've been in touch with the owner and the car sounds like a good one, with some major works including clutch and cambelt having been carried out last year at Moorland Jones in Hammersmith. I'm hopefully going to see the car on Saturday so will let you know how I get on. Best thing is that the car has the original tartan interior, which appears to be in really good (if a little faded) condition.
  6. Hi All, Having sold my S3 last year, I'm now on the lookout for an S1. I've just been offered a yellow S1, PNM 132R, in a possible swap deal for my Ferrari 308 GT4. I understand the car is relatively well known and was featured prominently in one of the Classic Car magazines a few months ago (I believe it was Classics Monthly). Does anyone know this car? Thanks! B)
  7. Atomic Punk

    Red S3

    Spotted twice in Poole this weekend; outside the Sandbanks Hotel on Sunday and on Sandbanks Road in Lilliput this morning. Anyone on here?
  8. Hi All, Haven't posted for a while as I sold my S3 to fund the latest toy - a Ferrari Dino Anyway, I've not shaken off the Esprit bug and am looking for an interesting project I can get into over a long term period. I've always loved the purer shape of the S1/S2, so my madcap idea is to find one which can be restored and brought up to date without compromising the original looks; basically, anything goes under the skin! So my questions are: # Any ideas where best to look for a car to save? # Suggestions on what to do mechanically to get some half-decent reliability - anything from a complete engine change onwards... # Who to entrust the work to? # Is this complete financial suicide??!!! All ideas gratefull received! Thanks guys.
  9. It's a Stevens; that was the first time I've seen it and I'm in the area most weekdays......
  10. I saw the red one tonight as well. Parked outside Kingston Gate. Nice!
  11. Pearl white Stevens (K Reg, with rear wing) travelling north on the M3 J4/J5 at about 5.30 yesterday (Tuesday). Anyone here?
  12. I've got my S3 booked in for a re-core (standard radiator) later this month with Fibreglass Services. Approximate cost of
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to have some minor fettling done at the same time, so have booked the car in with Miles @ Fibreglass Services. They normally have the radiators re-cored and at a very reasonable rate. I'll let you know how I get on!
  14. Hi Pete, Thanks for the recommendation. Did you remove and refit the radiator yourself or was this done for you as part of the service? I'm based in Hindhead so not far from you at all! Darren.
  15. Was returning from a great run in the sun yesterday when I had an altercation with a particularly unpleasant speed bump Only travelling in single figures (honest!) but the radiator seems to have taken a bit of a bash as there's now a very small coolant leak dripping out Since I guess the biggest expense in looking at this is the labour, I'm thinking of replacing the radiator whether its fixable or not. Can anyone advise me on what what might be a good upgrade rather then a simple direct replacement? The car is an 82 S3, but fitted with a later HC engine. The car was running perfectly before yesterday's incident with no cooling issues... Also, can anyone recommend a specialist in the Haslemere (Surrey) area? I'm thinking Lakeside Engineering or the legendary Miles at Glassfibre services. Any views? Thanks all!
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