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  1. I like that but I am biased
  2. I’m in the hunt for 1 if anyone knows of 1 for sale. Noise test at Croft had me 107db / 4800rpm
  3. My 430 just developed a strange issue. I’ve had the before mentioned brake switch issue bringing on the TC light on the dash. Switch replaced by Bell & Covil. On a drive out yesterday and today I was unable to switch to sport or race. No TC light on dash but definitely no TC available wheels spinning and oversteer everywhere. Any ideas as to what’s happened???
  4. No fire extinguisher or electrical cut switches. I have the A frame fitted and harnesses. Only thing I’ve noticed is the A frame doesn’t allow the seat to travel as far back as it did in the 350.
  5. Interesting. Is it just the back box? How much?
  6. The noise is epic. Just waiting to get it on track now to see how really different it is. Is the noise a problem on track?
  7. So 2 weeks ago I decided to let my no trouble 350 go and get a 430. All I can say is wow and wtf have I done. I can see the new rocket ship destroying my driving licence. The difference is night and day.
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