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  1. As per title WHY Cheers Mark
  2. It's on my list to investigate fully
  3. m10 male and female
  4. Looking at fitting a manual switch but also a timer that will become active when the ignition is switched off - to help to reduce heat after a drive. where are all the steel pipework that you replaced, and sizes if you have them isolation valve - good call.
  5. Spent a few hours yesterday evening working on it. Have stripped the rear suspension down completely and is now soaking in Deox-C. The first items I put in a few days ago are looking a lot better but had to change the solution as it was totally black (this means the active ingredient has stopped working). The brake disc was not that bad and it now rust free, but is now a dark grey colour Had fun getting the drivers brake disc off as it wasn't put on to align with the hub. So a new fitting kit is needed. Lower wishbones have been cleaned with a wire wheel and then coated w
  6. Thanks for the replies. Decided to go with a recore.
  7. I have ordered some that are 5mm longer than the originals. should be able to loose that with a thicker washer and some clearance already there.
  8. What are people views on this ? I have seen the alloy ones on E of bay from Winner Racing but not sure if there would be any additional import fees But lotusbits do a reconditioned standard one
  9. That's Ice blue Yes correct. everything soon adds up. chassis and driveline will account for a good %
  10. Full set of adjustable Gaz shocks have been ordered.
  11. Thanks. Plan is to keep it as original as possible and will upgrade for safety purposes.
  12. Float valve suck open and therefore flooding and dripping from the trumpets. I would take the top cover off and check for free movement of the valve and also if there is any debris stopping the valve from closing fully.
  13. Cambelt has arrived just need to fit. It will be done once I have stripped the rear end down and it's all soaking in Deox- C or waiting for the paint to full dry. Went for Quentin Hazel QTB122 which is the same width as the genuine lotus version. My list of parts is getting longer but that was expected.
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