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  1. What??? 😲 129 db in the Cockpit? That´s just way to crazy, haha. Yes, watched it on the day there were released. I wondered just how fast your 380 Cup went on the straights. Even quicker than die 430. Did you measured the power of your car?
  2. Wow, nice little touches. 😍 You even ordered the steering column painted.😲 Is the passenger airbag also covered in Alcantara?
  3. Just discovered your awesome car in this epic spec.😍 I´m really obsessed with special configured cars and your car is a really incredible example. I have one question: You got the whole dashboard covered in alcantara. Now I´m just wondering if you got the airbag deleted or not? Only saw the full alcantara dashboard on cars without airbags so I thought it´s just not possible to order full alcantara with the airbags.😊 Greetings Nicolas
  4. Thanks a lot! I really don´t know yet. At the moment I use it just for some nice country road driving. They said to me that they don´t have enough resources to do such a research.😕 Thanks! I was quite lucky getting that exactly one. Used to own an Opel Speedster before. 😊
  5. It surely is! I watched all the videos about it. The sound is unbeliveable. I can't image hearing this in person. Must be unreal. 👍
  6. Is this the legendary 380Cup with the sequential gearbox and the 2ublar exhaust? 😮
  7. Hi Jonny, I really appreciate your help! I already have the Certificate of Provenance. Unfortunately Lotus can´t provide general information about the cars. Therefore I need to find other sources which could be very difficult.
  8. Hello from Germany, my name is Nicolas and since last year I´m the lucky owner of a 2010 Lotus Exige S 240. Some facts about my car: - colour: Aspen White - sport pack - touring pack - performance pack - black leather interior In fact it is one of the last ever built S2 Exige and definitely a very rare car (at least in Germany). Does anybody have any information about the total build numbers of the exige models? Would be quite interesting for me. Greetings from the Black Forest! Nicolas
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