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  1. Since the engine did not have any damage, I think the fault is due to the poor quality of the material and welds used to manufacrure the exhaust . Other brands "Larini, Hart, Devil etc etc" do not suffer from these problems but if you manufacture them in China this could happen. Imputating guilt at high rpm , high speed spins or rigid connections is a nonsense. The Porsche GT2 has a twin turbos fitted 30 cm from the exhaust and it does not seem to me that the exhaust goes into flames. 2bular collaborated with Komo-tec, now no longer cooperates, did you wonder why? I d
  2. I'm sorry Andy, Why did you say they I avoided Jim's main argument? say that the damage is always caused by excessive engine movement , the hanger rod welded to the end plate transmits the stresses caused by engine -movement and the end-plate twists and breaks. ( his assertion ) You wonder why Lotus use such soft engine/transmission mounts, so if you know that why you manufacture such exhausts ??? ( I think I didn't skip anything , did I ? )
  3. Wow, Mr.Jim Velentune, long time lurker now poster, I thought you were holed up in your den By the reading your reply everybody can notice you're an arrogant person .. What's that got my driving experience to do with the exhaust ??? I could be the best or the worst driver but you provided the exhaust that opened like an apple say that the damage is always caused by excessive engine movement , the hanger rod welded to the end plate transmits the stresses caused by engine -movement and the end-plate twists and breaks. You wonder why Lotus use such soft engine
  4. Hi Mark, This ECU update has been released by Lotus itself so I imagine it has been investigated, tested and validated This I a chat I had with Lotus last January, I think this can help
  5. Hi Maxi There's no need to wait the service to get the ECU update , you can have it anytime. Cerini takes care of my car since he sold it and followed me with the mods I did. To be honest I still didn't get the ECU update but I can recommend this dealer , they're reliable , serious , they sell lotus since 2004
  6. Yep, as stated before some Swiss customers complained as their 380 s stalled at 6700 rpm. Lotus sent to the dealer an ECU update to raise the rpm limit to 7000. 350 sport has the same engine so it was a nonsense to stop the limit at 6700. Apply to you dealer he will confirm this
  7. Hi Maxi, My car has been tuned by Lotus Cerini at Castelletto Ticino . Recently , following complaints from some 380 owner about the Rpm limit, Lotus has released an upgrade to take it to 7k rpm, as you know 380 and Cup stop at 6700. HRT, as you remember was an F1 team, they don't make any advertisement on the Internet , a friend of mine has connections with them . I don't like Cervesina , I prefer Cremona longer straight and more twisty , if you like I can drop you a message when I'll go there . Hi Julian, As written up above Lotus released an u
  8. Hi Andy , a swallow does not make spring, by the reading the email he sent me I can say he was rude. Did you read it , he makes fun of everyone , Komo-etc included . I know for sure that up to a year ago they sold his products Tks Nicolas , i agree with you
  9. I'm happy for you if you consider him trustworthy and appreciate his talent . I don't want to get any support , I just wanted to share my experience . If you want to go with 2bular just go , buy one , two , as many as you can but be careful if you track the car . The exhaust scream and shout and it's fine but if you want to track that car hard it can survive , the pis uplodded speak themselves, the restwo is convesrsation . How many Lotus owners bought the car to track it or driving in the countryside and how many just to show off? Waiting time done here is more than 3 months . To
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