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  1. Hi Dave: we have a lot of common points (except that my name is David!): - I own an S1 with a engine swap - I am fitting Lotus 2 pot calipers on the rear - I ordered the brackets from EliseParts - I want to install an aftermarket handbrake (V2 of HiSpec like yours) So : I guess that you imagine how much I am interrested in your rear brake picture! And the QUESTION is: do you have picture of the inside side? I wonder how your handbrake bracket are!!! Do you still have your drawings? MANY THANKS 🙂
  2. Hello Dave (Stratosboy), I am really interested in your rear handbrake install! I also have an S1 with engine swap, also have AP discs (295 and not 308), and also a Lotus 2 pot caliper. I saw you choosed the V2 (and not V1) version of the SVA spot handbrake range, and I red that special brackets are needed but the very question is: INFORMATION on this bracket!!! Do you still have your drawings of this install??? I would be SOOO cool!
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