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  1. My point was if you do a private deal with a dealer all well and good, but I don’t need Lotus pushing discount cars 15 - 20k off list so blatantly though there network. It not good for customer retention🤬
  2. Got an email today from Pistonheads telling me new fully loaded GT410 Sports £85k. Excellent that should help the second hand price of my car.
  3. Great car and colour, but I may be a bit biased😂
  4. Sorry I got mixed up with Westover group in Poole been around the dealers a fair bit trying to get the best deal.😂
  5. No it came from Howard’s Lotus
  6. Ta very much👍👍👍
  7. So car turns up Thursday evening now I have to wait up to ten working days for DVLA to manually register it☹️☹️☹️ Oh the pain......
  8. Thank you gentlemen, It will be hard to see my Tuscan 2 go as it’s been a brilliant car and also gone up in value,
  9. I’m not a great fan of white cars or black wheels normally, but when I saw this it just grabbed me.
  10. Well after waiting over 4 years with my deposit down for a new TVR and no car in sight I started to look around, and eventually settled on an Evora. looking forward to it arriving on Thursday.
  11. Yes tend to agree, just teasing about the colour. It does seem to becoming a more popular colour just not for me I'm afraid.
  12. Yes saw that one probably that price due to still being in primer.
  13. Apart from the carbon seats what other things separate the 410 sport from the GT410 sport please?
  14. Thank you At present I have a TVR Tuscan 2 and also have a deposit on a new Griffith for over 3 1/2 years now and the launch date goes back and back, not really sure they will ever be made. the Lotus seems like the only car that’s ticks all the box’s in my opinion, there are some great cars out there, Aston’s, F type etc etc but they just seem to be weighed down by tons of gadgets, electric seats, park assist and so on. Cars like TVRs and Lotus are becoming an endangered species.
  15. Hi 

    Would you kind enough to supply details


  16. Good evening I am looking to purchase a 16 plate plus Evora 410 and my question is what to look out for when purchasing, I will not be using it for track days and it will be a second car, what would existing owners recommend on the long list of extras essentials and desiarables eg: air con, seats etc etc Any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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