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  1. D2AUE

    Turbo removal

    Thanks, that’s a option 🙂
  2. D2AUE

    Turbo removal

    Thanks,I did try that and no luck, my thought process is, surely the turbo must separate from the cast iron part that is connected to manifold by these awkward four bolts, is there no a way of removing the Turbo from cast iron part while on the car? Any thoughts?
  3. Is there a way of removing the turbo from manifold while on my 1988 2.2 Turbo? as I trying to avoid removing manifold! Need to rebuild the turbo due to oil leak
  4. No not yet will give that a go tomorrow maybe, but I have read on hear quotes of 130, which would make mind half what it should be, would expect running problem also recently passed emissions with flying colours. Very strange
  5. Hi again thanks for your replies, was the third cylinder I tested, when you say throttle fully open, I have opened fully the throttles on the twin carbs, am I missing something obvious here?
  6. Could it be something to do with the air intake to the twin carbs being sealed to the turbo not generating enough air for compression test?
  7. Thanks, Yes throttle fully open, if worn rings would I not have oily plugs? They are dry and perfect condition, if they are half what they should be, I would expect running problems? Why would the engine perform and run well?
  8. Help please, I have a 1988 Esprit Turbo, engine running smooth, not missing, not irratic on idle, good power, plugs dry with mixture spot on, I decided to do a compression test, warmed engine up, removed all plugs, three where at 75 and 1 at 90, baffled! Any thoughts?
  9. I have a 1988 Esprit turbo, engine running smooth, no oil on plugs, running clean, great power, I did a compression test today out of interest and found three cylinders at 75 and on at 90, fuel pump off, throttle wide open, any thoughts?
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