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  1. Should be fine. George Williams uses his EX460 as a daily with winter tyres. I use mine in the winter no problem (not as a daily) but if you are using in bad weather I would change the tyres to at least MPS4S. The cars are quite comfortable, AC / heater works well, they have cruise and parking sensors and are easy to maneuver. The only thing that would 'slightly' worry me is the exposed engine through the slats. If I was going to leave outside I would think about how to protect the engine from all the extra rain. I'm sure its fine but that's all I would worry about. Make sure ride height is not super low as well. You are definitely no mad, its everyone else who is not normal 😉
  2. There are some weird anomalies with HML. I think for the most accurate number go to engines tab and that is most accurate, The other 3 tabs always slightly out with each other.
  3. Nathan, that's a stunner, but you already know that 🙂 29 according to 'how many left' not sure that includes 2020 cars though but cant be more than a handful. I would guess by the time production ends going to be around 35-40 RHD UK cars?
  4. Congrats Gordon it looks EPIC! We will get ours together soon, looking forward to it 🙂 PS change your avatar 😉
  5. I've booked will be driving up in convoy with @BatMobile from Cobham area. Hope to be there around 9:00 - 9:30. See you there.
  6. Well I just bought a McLaren to go with the 430, but it was a 675LT, I made sure I bought one that was rare and as near to the bottom of its depreciation curve as I could possibly estimate! Fingers crossed!
  7. Its the same or even worse with McLaren, Ferrari & Lamborghini. If anything Lotus are better than the bigger boys who really devastate the values of almost new cars by bringing out something better and cheaper 3 months after their latest offering! Bought a Performate for £250k? Congratulations the Evo has the same power in a more usable package so you have just lost £100k! Bought a McLaren 600LT, well they just released the 600R making that obsolete and worth £80k less. How about a Cayman GT4? Well the GTS with same engine & gearbox is now available for £20k less!
  8. I was told the same, they can't warranty anything over 430 bhp, very interesting to see you had the same feedback and was interested to hear what others had been told as well. It makes sense, the 430's will be the last of their kind 🙂
  9. I'm half expecting some sort of special run out model when the Exige retires, 460CUP or ??? I have been told by various people that won't happen but I would not put it past Lotus to do this to sell the last few cars and make a few quid? I hope the 430 remains the zenith of the Exige forever.
  10. Perhaps a 430 CUP whats app group might be good???
  11. I'm around 4,000 (ish)
  12. This is how my 430 behaves, as you know 😉 My 350 was hit and miss as well but not quite as bad.
  13. Does anyone else have issues rev matching in-between gear changes or while heel and toeing? My car will sometime not respond to the throttle when the brake pedal or clutch is depressed. Lotus have told me this is legislation called "brake throttle over-ride" which means in some conditions you cannot brake and accelerate simultaneously or use all 3 pedals at once. I have spoken to some other owners who have experienced the same issues and others who have not. Seems very random. Lotus have inspected the car and experienced the issue and told me there is nothing they can do. Mysteriously after they had the car there was an improvement in some modes which leads me the believe they did make some tweaks but didn't want to confess. Its still not consistent though. It seems a specific issue relating to legislation which Donald Trump (of all people) reversed in 2019 and was due to deaths caused specifically by Toyota cars accelerating while the brake was depressed (later discovered to be floor mats causing the issue) However Toyota and VW, due to lots of law suits, instigated the legislation. Seems odd Lotus would not code this out unless Toyota insisted on it for their supply of engines due the the law suits? Anyone else here experiencing this?
  14. They really don't last, quite disappointed with the long term quality but mine are 3 and 4 years old and they get used weekly so that's a total of 150 & 200+ open & closes. I guess if its used monthly they would fare a lot better. There is literally nothing else on the market though. I started putting a lose cover on my cars before i put the carcoon on as I did get scratches on one of my cars with all the rolling on and off and that has definitely helped. No space for a garage for me so I am stuck with them until I invent something better 😉
  15. A fellow Carcoon user! I have 2 they are both battered & torn and the zips are both broken as i use them so often. They are very useful esp. as they hide cars from prying eyes! I need to get mine refurbished though.
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