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  1. @C8RKH - not sure why you think it’s screwed? US license plates cover any ‘exposed’ area. Unless you’re planning on running a car with no plates? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. For those that have asked for a closer look at the rear plate mount/ rear bumper over-riders, here's a close up.
  3. Yes, I believe has both. Meant to add premium infotainment as standard. Thanks!
  4. As stated...." bonded onto both sides of an aluminum bracket". Here's a screen shot taken from the latest parts diagram. I believe it will be a moot point.
  5. Afternoon, We're excited to receive the GT in the US! $96,950 + $1,995 destination Many options come standard over the previous Evora 400! __________________ 0-60 mph // 3.8 manual 0-60 mph // 3.9 auto __________________ The following items come as standard: 416bhp (CARB) 6-speed manual with LSD Baffled sump Carbon sills Carbon instrument binnacle New aero vents above front wheels New aero A-panels New carbon fiber rear end Lightweight 10-spoke forged (10.5" rear) wheels Carbon Seat backs Black Pack Rear stone guards in black Bilstei
  6. Hope all is well @Champale! Please let me know if we can help in the future! No pressure
  7. The 17 sold for $57,750+ and had 21k miles. Not sure what you consider low mileage. Also had a trans replaced and was a press car used by multiple journos on and off track. History shows past press marketing cars always take a hit. Knowing this car had thousands of miles of abuse, it's no wonder it sold for such a figure. I wouldn't have thought the reserve was so low as I would have personally bought it. Rob was ready to move on and that car could have easily sold for 8k-10k more. The 17 with 2,500 we sold new in 18. Car came with the rebate money of $12,500 and had a window of
  8. Afternoon! US dealers have schedule meetings with Lotus Cars US this week (20/21). We should have specs and pricing in hand for US 410/430 by end of week. If anyone wishes for me to ask any particular questions during the meetings, please send me a pm. -Brian
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