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  1. Hope all is well @Champale! Please let me know if we can help in the future! No pressure
  2. The 17 sold for $57,750+ and had 21k miles. Not sure what you consider low mileage. Also had a trans replaced and was a press car used by multiple journos on and off track. History shows past press marketing cars always take a hit. Knowing this car had thousands of miles of abuse, it's no wonder it sold for such a figure. I wouldn't have thought the reserve was so low as I would have personally bought it. Rob was ready to move on and that car could have easily sold for 8k-10k more. The 17 with 2,500 we sold new in 18. Car came with the rebate money of $12,500 and had a window of 98k. So roughly 76k all in. Bids with 5% fee was up to $66,675. I've since put private parties together to do a deal in the low 70's. Seller didn't lose much here. As you state, some cars do sell for high prices, yet some sell for bargains as well.
  3. Afternoon! US dealers have schedule meetings with Lotus Cars US this week (20/21). We should have specs and pricing in hand for US 410/430 by end of week. If anyone wishes for me to ask any particular questions during the meetings, please send me a pm. -Brian
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