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  1. Interesting to see what people pay but really, a pointless exercise. There are tens and tens of questions to answer for motor insurance and one different answer from your next door neighbour of the same age, with the same car, for example, will wildly affect the premium, terms and even which insurers will quote for you.

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  2. Hi @Chillidoggy

    My S4s is current undergoing work (at a reputable indie, details can be provided), including investigating the failed Delco Moraine ABS.

    I am not technically minded at all, although I have looked through this thread. He has asked me, so I am asking you:

    1) Do you have any left?

    2) What is it you get?

    3) How much is it?

    Appreciate that you may prefer to PM me, I've never done that or received one either but am sure it will be obvious when/if you do send me one.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. My wife is 5'4, I am 5'10 and sit forward and I would have to say that she does not fit, not with her head upright anyway, legs were OK. On a test drive she did nothing but moan and all I could see in the rear view mirror was a sideways head!

    I do keep mine outside all year, it is fine although water ingress to the window motor meant a new one of them (c.£500). As others have said, wash the bird poo off asap.

    Also, as others have said, what concerns me most is the heat on the dash and airbag cover, so I do use a sunscreen on the windscreen if it is anything above 20 degrees.

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  4. I think I read a long time ago that the orange one was very high mileage, probably why it isn't mentioned on the advert, worth checking though.

    I'll also add that I, like you, wanted the newer interior look, until I saw them in the 'flesh'. Whilst the older interior does look dated, in my opinion now, it feels far more special, premium, unique-even, than the more modern looking arrangement. Once I'd reconciled that with myself, it opened up far more cars.

    It's all subjective when it comes to looks of course.

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  5. @tomcattom - my technical knowledge goes as far as tapping the dial to see if anything happens, so you may well be absolutely right. I'll find out in due course but I see, from the paperwork, it has already had one oil pressure gauge in the past, albeit some time ago. Oddly that gauge looks a little worse for wear anyway, so I'll probably change it anyway.

    @Barrykearley hopefully we are both sitting on a good investment. Although not the reason I bought it, it is nice to buy and car and (hopefully) not have it depreciate.

  6. I shall oblige as soon as I get it, apparently there is a fuel crisis 🙂 

    It is still on Autotrader and Royston's own website - although the write ups need to be taken with a bucket of salt.

    @BibsAs Steve said he has said to you many times, he just doesn't do forums 🙂 

  7. On 16/01/2021 at 18:47, NiallEvo said:

    Apparently they have a red car with OZs coming on:



    Hi - new to the Esprit side of this forum.

    Does anyone know anything about the above car?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Have a look at the Evora clutch pole on here. Not everything you read on the internet is true.

    Far more cars still on original clutch than not. A small number of people have had issues with their clutch, but far more have had no issues.

    At around £2k to fix from a good independent, it is a big bill for sure. However, some "service bills" for other marques could be that every year.

    I'd love to know which independent quoted you that/did that for you, mine was the best part of £4k with a few other bits at the same time, from a very reputable (on here and elsewhere) independent. Although that was for a 400 clutch and flywheel into my S SR.

  9. I think I've found the answer on another forum:

    Lotus engineer: “we’ll use a Toyota engine because they’re reliable”
    Lotus ceo: “yeah but people expect exotics to be quirky”
    Lotus engineer: “oh yeah, dont worry about that, we got it covered.”
    Lotus Ceo: “we do?”
    Lotus engineer: “totaly, we’ve hired a tribe in the Amazon to design and build the wiring harness in the car, and we’ve hired an Italian appliance repair shop to build the window regulators”
    Lotus CEO: “they know how to do that!?”
    Lotus Engineer: “they’ll figure it out...that should give us plenty of quirks”
    Lotus Ceo: “good job”

  10. On a not unrelated point, and I'm not really sure this is something to be pleased about, but I had an average of 30.3 mpg in my S, on my Xmas Eve drive home from Reading to Essex, with Sport mode on all the way!

    100 traffic free miles: M4, M25, A127, I didn't use cruise control and had the radio on but not the AC/heating.

    Soon ruined that when I go there though as my brother hadn't seen the car...…...

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  11. Re. the above comments and those on the warranty thread, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I'd been looking for about 6 months for the right spec (SR, manual, S, one of a few colours etc.), this one came up privately and I got excited with money to burn!

    As one poster commented, I did set up a 'Lotus Account' for such future costs (as the clutch was on 30k miles when I bought it) which has obviously been immediately decimated and now rebuilt, so it doesn't feel quite like spending real money 🙂

    @paranoidandroid On the insurance, I'm 41 but don't have a garage, wife is under 40 c.£600 a year was the best I could get in Reading, which is about what I expected but £300 for you sounds excellent! Be good to meet when it's not so biblical outside, I've never met an Evora owner in real life!

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  12. Also had mine a year, as of 6th Dec, although unlike the OP and @paranoidandroid I haven't exactly had no costs...…..from memory:

     - £120 - for a sensor change as sport mode wouldn't stay on

     - £1k - for new clutch slave and master cylinders with associated fluids

     - £4k - for new clutch and flywheel

    Currently experiencing engine management light issues with the code indicating bank 1 is running lean, so the above sum will grow in the new year as we throw parts at it to see what the problem may be, starting with the cheapest...….

    Known costs when I bought it but also to add to the total are: 4 x MPS4S (c.£800), 2 x insurance policies (£1.2k) and 2 x road tax (£1.1k).

    Expensive year but I still love it...……...

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