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  1. Further update running 285's {Cup 2's} with no spacer on a 380. Pounded around Bathurst Circuit all were fine, no rubbing. All good. What a track !
  2. Standard ride height. Standard Bilsteins. Standard 380 Sport set up. No rubbing what's so ever 🙂 You can fit 285's with confidence.
  3. We did around 24 targa stages … and a few other runs that we know of 😜
  4. Just a follow up... after 2200 in 4 days around Tasmania , with spirited driving and some pretty big bumps etcs....not one bit of rubbing of the rears....
  5. My 380...had it just on a year. Absolutely love it
  6. Hi Jang....Another Aussie 380 ! I've heard there are 4, and two 380 Cup' 6. I've also heard one of the 380 sports has been upgraded to cool charging and far more HP with Komotec goodies. One of the 380 Cups is blue and was used on a TV story back in the day.. Thanks for info on tires...peace of mind:-)
  7. Haha...something like that.. There's only a couple of 380's in Australia so not much info/experience with them, lots of 410's so an easy mistake to make. I own the thing and didn't even know there was a difference! Yes the 285mm Cup 2 looks a lot better and takes away that look of the 380 rear being under the guard too far, plus the extra contact patch 🙂
  8. Wheels are 10X18 like a 410....offset looks same as 410 but might not be. There tires are extremely flush with the rear guard now and look "right" Hesitant to put a spacer in there as that would push them out even further.....I'll run it a while as is and if rubs, I want it to hit on the inner tub , not the guard:-) If it does touch, I'll pop the 3mm spacers in there.
  9. Mount Hotham. Victoria . Australia
  10. I ended up replacing Elise with Exige 380 🙂
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