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  1. I thought I would change the slightly dripping front crank seal and wondered can I use one from a common was it Opel or Vauxhal and if so then wich one?
  2. Informed the LCCF of your offer I will let you know when I know more I my self am not that skilled in the web side.
  3. We have a page already The chat part is more work as some one has to moderate it and with the amount of members we have, we decided to have it open for members only.
  4. Now day's it's easyer to meet the other Excel and other Lotus drivers here in Finland as we got a Lotus car club Finland established last autumn.
  5. This was in Lahti, not Helsinki.
  6. We had a meeting for British cars here in Finland and I hade the opportunity to park my early Excel beside the facelift model and was supriced ti realize how much small things had changed. 1. Taligate opening is bigger on new 2. rear window is bigger on new 3. The front spoiler/lip is diferent 4. the hood is different 5. Obviously the wings are diferent. 6. obviously the wheels and rims
  7. Today I experumebted more and realized that the issue seems to be with my Cauge and it is a wierd one. The meeter is now consistant to 0- 70kmh spot on sudenly when going over 70 it almost imidiately jumps to 80. As I made my previous mesurement I came to the conclusion that as it in the begining was real speed 80 meeter showed 100 and with real speed 50 it was showing 60 I figured that I need some 20 % more and tried to fix it with the gearbox. That of course did not work. As by tighting the spring with a 10kmh its now spot on exept for the strange jump at 70kmh. I just do not understand
  8. I have been experimenting with a small gearbox for the speedo as it seemd that I had a pretty big error on it. I 3D printed a smal gerabox with the best gestimate and printed it. IFirst oroblem was that the gears from theprinter are a but rough. This how ever seem to level aout by runing the gearbix so the woble on the needle disapears gradually still some left but lts see in awerk of driving. Sadly I thinkthe first gear ratio over corrected it a bit so might be that I have to still print a new one, but as I have a working concept now it is not that big if a deal. Just that I have to run the n
  9. I think I'm missing the roller part23 on this picture, what material is it orginally?
  10. Talk about squiks, I have been trying to figure out how the boot lid springs should be mounted, I only have one left and it makes an horible squiq when opened. This has been as long as I have had the car but as last sommer the trunk smeld of petrol it was any way useles but now that it seems thatthe smel is disapearing and I am using the trunk it is starting to anoy me. Any sugestions what is wring. The spring and the hing make the sound when they rub agains one and other but why they do it in such a manner is a mystery to me. I did disasemble the the spring and also tried to fit it to the oth
  11. Poly bushes are durable and so far fine, they tend to squick when the lubrication wears off. I my self would not use them on a street car when driven more as the re-greasing is not fun. This obviously apply only on busches with twisting motion e.g. suspension arms everywhere else they work fine.
  12. How's the quality, have you found some changes in the chines shocks regarding to quality?
  13. Propqbly installed by one of the prvious owners in Finland. The law here requires you to have some lights as indicator that your moving so on a popup headlight car you need something like that to legaly drive with the lamps down. The parking lights wont do by the law. They are period correct so they can stay, atleast for now. I'm not that keen on the color but there is more urgent issues like you properly noticed. The Spareparts I did not get neither did I get wheels but the manuals I got.
  14. Hi I got a new set of wheels and tires under the car and here is a few pictures. Sadly one of the wheels was slightly crocked so I'm refurbisching a new one for that corner but it rund with the crocked one for now. I took 205-60-14 front and 225-60-14 back to get the appearance a bit more balanced. I'm pleased with how it looks.
  15. Nothing yet on the seat material, havent found anything close enough. So most likely I will dismantel both front seats from the stiches. After that one I will put a support fabric on the backside and sew along the velour lines to get it strong and after that one I swap the polesters from left to right so that the more weared areas get to the cebter of the car. That should by me some years. But obviously it would be easyer to just change the fabric on the weared areas if I only could find some fabric to match. The on the way out jacking pads were there but as they were on the way out
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