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  1. I drow by the shop today and tried the center on the wheel they had there it fitted perfectly, so now I just wait for my wheel to arrive whitout the Center line then I also have to paint of the Luisi text that is partially shoving but thats easy and fast.
  2. I do not have the wheel but here is a comparison of the orginal and new showing the difference in visibility.
  3. I have re done the center in correct size now. An other thing I did with the new version was to make new fixing rings to mount it to the car. I did two rings with O-ring growes so that the center can be adsembled and disasembled easy. Its been also covered with leather so it should match the steering wheel nicely.
  4. This is the first prototype of the Luisi steeringwheel custom center. The first one, as I did miss a mesurement, it is sadly a few millimeter the wrong size but otherwise it becoming out nice. I havent got my wheel yet either but here a picture of rhe prosess.
  5. Here the pictures again with a shorter name and hench visible.
  6. Here the result of thid work. it's at least a lot stronger and withoutcapparent holes. IMG_20210105_230053_resize_20210105_231202 IMG_20210105_230100_resize_20210105_231202
  7. I did come to the conclusion that I had to openthe seems a bit to get it off. I wonder how they did it officially as this is not the way, at least I do not think so.
  8. I also un stiched the previous repair on the seat pillow appolstery and will redo that so that the lines will not be crimped like the previouse fixer had done. It always disturbed me that the lines on the velour had been crimped togather with stiches. That is still under prosess so I put pictures here when I get it ready. I hope I did not over reach on this point as the previous repair was atleast something I hope mine will be better but who knows maby it will be worse.
  9. I have un stiched the side polsters of the back resy from the drivers out side and passener inside. I have sewed seams throgh the bottom of the velour to get a support fabrick on the back. The idea is that I switch the driver an passanger seat to extend the life span even a bit more. I also pre-emptivly stiched supports on the one I took from the passanger side. I also fixed the holethebest I could, or maby I still work a bit on it but it is pretty good already.
  10. I took the seats appart from my car, atleast almost. I would like to get the back rest cloth of but I do not seem to figure how it is done correctly. The head rest is confusing me. it do not seam to get it off without the stiching being ripped open. Is this the case, surely not or? It would make the sewing to gather much easyer as I could use a sewingmachine with the rag attached to the frame I have to opt for sewing by hand.
  11. The pre 85 cars had both the Eclat wheel and the personal wheel as option I assume exactly for the reason that the colum was not adjustable and hench both were not optimal. The facelift dash offered only the personal wheel. I'm looking for a wheel that looks and feels like the personal but still shows the warning lights like blinker lights.
  12. This would be nice it is not such a deep dich as the luisi By the way I think this is the orginal type atleast it is close but its not very nice.
  13. no adjustment and the orginal was a aprox 400mm two spoke wich is pretty ugly and i do not have, so if i want orginal I should source it the 350mm Guigiaro was the optional one. Yes I do agree that from appearance the luisi is a step down that is why I ask ifcthere is a better one.
  14. I have been concidering to change the steering wheel on my 83 Excel. I have the nice looking Personal Guigaro at the moment. It looks nice but all the warning lights are hidden so I have found my self driving fore ages with the blinker on and that is the main reason. What other steering wheels have you guys tried? The only one ones I found fast that solvesvthe problem was the Luisi two spoke. I do not like it completly but better than the new looking with a lot of curbes and unnececery forms. So my first instict was to make a custom centerbos by 3D printing and pull some black leather
  15. I basicallycstarted to look in to the das with an expectation of something worse as I had found those notorious colorful abikos in the enginebay and that is always a sign for me that some one who should not touch car electrics has been fidling with them so in that aspect everythong has gone according to plane.
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