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  1. I just brought my car for echibition to this museum. The exhibition will open during the next week.
  2. I will propably Print the part if it is plastik.
  3. Thanks mates I will try that one, I had a bit of bad luck with an other car that was stolen and recoverd so the time I had planed for this repair went to speaking with the insurace comppany and filling forms. To morrow the car will be driven to a car museum for excibition for the wintter so I will get back to this problem in spring when I get it back from the museum.
  4. My lock cylinder on the pasanger side desided today to drop into the handle, is this typical issue on these locks and how do I remedy it? First of all how do I dismantle the doorcards to se what has happened?
  5. I can not use the back side as it is blue lether as are the sides. I could make the side cushins from lether too. Might be a bit much and then might be bether to go with complet lether interior and that is an option I'm considering. That would be easy but not orginal to this individual car, but totaly in line of the product line. I will look into that with Ford, that could work. But the perfect solution would be to buy the fabric from someone whos interior is beyond hope and contribute in the costs for new interior materials and get my interior fixed in the prosess.
  6. Does some one know where I could find some of this cloth for the seats. My driver seat is falling appart, I would like to buy any old seat with some of the cloth on this seat. I would then use the good bits to make a good seat.
  7. What comes to the Lotus happening in sweden I do not yet know what I have time for. I might be interested but I would like to get three other cars also a bit forward during my sommer. Becaus for one of them I have alredy booked the painting and another I have all the parts for so it just needs assembly so I'm curious how it will turn out. The third needs a lot of parts still so its mostly internet and telephone and running around talking to people so I will make some of the running around with the lotus just to get some miles to know its good.
  8. Now it is a pleasure to drive as it runs like it should.
  9. It is already back on the road the Dyno with the wizard i thrust was a good 100km from helsinki and I continued after the tuneup straight a 100 km north to the wisinity of Tampere, so to get home I have to drive a good 200 km.
  10. The Engine was on the bench for a tune and result was 132hp at the wheels so that makes it something like 155 ay the crank if the engine is an 160hp engine then it is healthy espesially as it is tuned for drivaability. If an 180 hp then nit so. I hope and gues it is 160hp newer engine with minor blowby(7hp).
  11. Now I have renoved the following cable ends from crappy abikos to soldered ones and soldered them installed a shrink sock on them. 1. temperature sender 2. Thermostat for fan 3. Coil 4. Main cable 5. Alternator Now the car is put back togather and runs I have not yet tried it onthe road but I will do it tomorow Atleast the engine sounded fine so the ticking noise I had diagnosed as valve problems was the pulley for the auxiliary shaft.
  12. I even found that the earth cable for the horn was made out of home high curant solid cable. So I have been replacing electric cables and connectors and sokdered all of them. Sadly my big soldering iron for the big terminal cables had some how broken so have to buy a new of those. There was also a cable for the temperature sender that was cobled to gather from several short segments. Why cant people make things prooerly rather than like this camon its not that much more trouble. Main cable is also a piece of art I do not have clue one why it makes a loop round the sub frame I think I have to sort that too tomorrow.
  13. I also realised that some previous mechanic had loved extending cables with abiko shit of the worst kind
  14. How have you checked the timing belt tension do you use a tool as the manual suggest and if then wich tools are awailable and with what values for lotus? Or have you just tryed it by twisting the belt to 85-90 deg on opposite side of tensioner.
  15. Now I finaly got the parts. most of the stuff is 1A quality and the few things that was wrong lotus bits promised to fix promtly so I'm very happy as I get to put my car back togather. Here is still a picture of the parts.
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