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  1. Does someone have a picture from a brosure or such from the engine bay of the early excel? I would like to have a reference to how it orgynally looked like colors hoses etc
  2. With porsche 911 (aircoofed) the linng was wery durable but nikasil surfase was wery hard and thin problems only arose when some fool had honed the cylinders and thus took away the hard surface. I have two nikasil bore enginea appart at the moment and both engins have perfect cylinder thought the rest of the engins not soo. Might bee that there is a differens also on the thickness of the nikasil layer maby that is why it works on some cars and others again not.
  3. Is there a differens between nikosil and nicasil?
  4. That with nicasil is strange, as with Porsche 911 the nicasil ones ar concidered good and Alusil and castiron is concidered bad. I have wondered why that is.
  5. By the way you mentioned "I think however the next owner blew the engine up and put one in from a 1986 car (I know who sold him the engine). ". is there a difference between the engines I read something about Lotus swiching from 160 to 180 hp about there. Iwould not say this feel like 180 rather 160. But I havent revd it to the end either so it still might be (want to check everything is as should be before I stress rhe engine". Can i find the engine nubers on the car and can I see from the actual engine wich type it is and when it was manufactured? And do you know what happened to my orginal engine? did the frenchman keep it or did he give it to the enginseller for reconditioning.
  6. Cool to find the previous owner. As I have only old cars I have the feel to hear and feel how to start most old cars I did not relize jet anything unusual but yes I do pump the cold engine a bit like most carburator engines.
  7. Yes I did get a pile of material with the car half of wich I have looked into. What did you meanwith"Yes, it sulks if you donโ€™t drive it. It used to stop sulking after 20/30 miles" What does the word sulk mean in this context? Its got the adjustable shocks and I alredy assumed they would not be stock.
  8. By the way if you see something that is not orginal on the car do inform me as I will do all in my power to get this car orginal. For example the AN fittings on the gas lines in the enginebay are those orginal I rather suspect not. If not what was orginally fitted? I will at some point renew the gas lines just as a precotion so I would like to put the correct type at that point.
  9. Here are some pictures from the car more the main issues I have are concerning some strange silicon glue residue on the doors and the door has also hit the latch so the glassfiber is slightly broken. The foot mats for the driver and copilot have perisched and there is some ugly aftermarket mats in there place. The seats are already sown togather and I have some concern on the logevity of those. All the carepets have bleached hard to see on th photos but thrust me. I wonder what the previous owner has tyed to glue on the dor card . any suggestions?
  10. Is there some weak points like natrium valves on the engine or week valveguides that I should pay attention to? I had a valve snap on a Porsche engine once and that was due to natrium valves and excesive play in valve guide. Just as it is pretty easy to pop the head if there is something like that.
  11. an other thing was that i looked at the carpets from Coverdale and I wondered wich blue is the correct for me. They offer Wedgewood blue and Midnight blue, I would gues that the former would be it can i confirm it somehow? Besides that how close to orginal qre the carpets from coverdale? What was the orginal material as coverdale offers three different?
  12. How high do I dare to rev the engine. It's as far as I know stock and unrestored. I would like to drive it as it is ment but not over stress the old thing.
  13. I would have guessed around 950 so thats just around 200kg more than I would have expected. Just comparing to some other cars I have.
  14. By the way my registration states that it wights 1160kg is that correct i would have expected less from a Lotus?
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