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  1. You are missing the point, obviously this forum has value. It is obviously fine to pay for content. Just when it comes down to the content, without pictures there is non. Without content the forum is worthless. I do not know about you folks, but would you pay your self to make content, I will not! I have many cars I can always put the effort to some other forum.
  2. At the same time you value your work time etc. you disvalue mine to the degree that you feel entitled to ask money from me for making content. You do you I do me.
  3. The ones interested can follow me here.
  4. Well as I see it, the revenue comes from the ads, and the ads have a place to be if some one makes actual content. So I guess I'm in no hurry to ad pictures and make content on this forum right now as that left a bit of a bad taste of blackmail.
  5. I have had a problem adding the picture, I suspect there is a limit on users on how much pictures one can add or something as as now the picture size allowed is dropping drastically. So I can not add even an thumbnail at the moment.
  6. I have tried to ad tje picture with better quality but it dif not work, i could not remove the picture any more so I guess Tjats the picture that is here.
  7. 6thMy steering wheel arrived finaly. Here a picture.
  8. My steering wheel arrived finaly. Here a picture.
  9. The deep dish wheel is good for ergonomics in the excel, as I had spacer on my guigaro after the first summer. I always hit my finger on the binacle so one inch more space was welcome.
  10. Lotus is a briliant secondhandcar. Porsche is nice as new but but when they come to this age lotus is much better both in part prices and rust issues. other vice both are equaly reliable the quality control was better at the factory for porsche but at 30 years plus it makes more difference who maintained it during its life time than who put it togather. I'm restoring two flat six engines at the moment and at this point i wich they where lotus engines. Same power less complexity. As a new car chose porsche as secondhand go for lotus. I have both so I must be an masocist.
  11. I have not had it from the splines jet as I til now have bolted it off from the six bolts on the Guigiaro wheel and will use that center also with my new wheel. But if no one else can answere you I can pop the wheel of and count. Nice car by the way the colors are wery different to mine.
  12. I drow by the shop today and tried the center on the wheel they had there it fitted perfectly, so now I just wait for my wheel to arrive whitout the Center line then I also have to paint of the Luisi text that is partially shoving but thats easy and fast.
  13. I do not have the wheel but here is a comparison of the orginal and new showing the difference in visibility.
  14. I have re done the center in correct size now. An other thing I did with the new version was to make new fixing rings to mount it to the car. I did two rings with O-ring growes so that the center can be adsembled and disasembled easy. Its been also covered with leather so it should match the steering wheel nicely.
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