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  1. The fuel pump was replaced about 18 years ago when the car had done about 8k from new - as the car has only done 11k currently, the pump has hardly been used. As the pump keeps on clicking and is apparently pumping, as leakage occurs after about 20 seconds, it seems to be working ok. From the responses received, I think my first job is to ensure that the carbs etc are clear and operating freely and that the fuel system is working properly. As non-usage looks like being a big problem, I guess I'm going to experience other issues to keep me busy. Many thanks for all of the advice given and I will report in due course.
  2. Many thanks Mark - will that unbalance the carbs if only one cover is removed? Or should I do both?Cheers
  3. I know I have been totally remiss but I wanted to try and start my 1992 Excel today for the first time in about 4 years - having turned the key to the first position the fuel pump started clicking and then continued for a few seconds before I turned it off. I turned it on again and the same thing happened. This process was completed a couple of more times then I could here liquid dripping and I again turned the key off. On investigation it was found that the fuel was dripping from the air box. Having opened the air box partially, fuel could be seen dripping from the 2 inlet trumpets from the carb, nearest the windscreen. At no time was the engine turned over. Any thoughts as to whats happened would be greatly appreciated. The air box was not fully removed as the lower clip could not be released as its operation was restricted by a hose beneath that could not be moved to one side - any thoughts on the release of this clip. Many thanks
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