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  1. So after a bit of further investigation.... I was just preparing to remove the starter motor and carry out a DIY refurb when I noticed that one of the solenoid connectors seemed loose. Removed it and put it back on, made sure it had a solid connection and it now starts without fail. I'm going to have to monitor over the next few days but if the resolution was as simple as this I'm a happy man. Updates to follow and thanks again for the suggestions.
  2. @Scotsdave looks like you got it. After trying a few things which didn’t work I gave the starter motor a light tap with a hammer and it started up. Subsequently seized up again but at least I know and can get it out to repair it. Thanks @TomE and @Bruss for the suggestions.
  3. I need to understand a bit more the circumstances that lead to this but it started yesterday and was preceded, perhaps coincidentally, by an issue with the drivers window. Lotus Evora (2009) - press launch car. Engine is the original but was 'tweaked' by Stratton Motorsport before I bought it. Car is driven regularly (1-3 times a week). Issue occurred after a short journey of about five miles. Yesterday took the car out for a short drive down to the shops with my son. I popped out to the shop and when I returned my son mentioned that I hadn't closed the door properly. In my absence my son reported the auto window open/close kicked in repeatedly which meant he had to get out of the car to close the door properly. Returned home, parked in the drive and popped into the house. About an hour later I went to put the car into the garage. Ignition key turns, usual lights flash and pre-ignition noises. However on the final twist nothing. Tried various combinations of start up , in gear, out of gear, clutch depressed, not depressed in the vain hope that may have an impact but nothing. Couple of hours later tried again and started up without issue so parked in the garage, turned off and tried the ignition again immediately to find the same fault. I have yet to try today and I'm sure I'll find that it's only happening in certain circumstances but in the interim any guidance as to possible root cause so I can start to narrow things down? I will report additional detail as I find it, thanks in advance.
  4. Quick shoot whilst visiting Coombe Abbey
  5. Not normally a fan of accentuated B&W photos but when your car is black and white with red calipers it kind of lends itself. Hope you like them, taken this weekend near Silverstone Lotus.
  6. Thanks guys, sorry been off-line for a bit. @au-yt, yes I had thought about a dyno but running the engine for a short period at max revs gives me nightmares
  7. @ramjet, yep the wing was a recent addition by the previous owner as was the black roof. At some point the red leather interior was re-dyed as black and also many of the interior fittings were replaced by carbon equivalents so not as plush as it used to be but all in the interests of weight saving so no complaints. 'Going underwater' - with a bit of duck tape I'm sure it will be fine @Kimbers, I think the grass stains are still on the underbelly pan!
  8. @C8RKH, @Colin P, I've attached a couple of files - an ai (Adobe Illustrator file) and svg (scalable vector graphics). Both should be fine for any print company to generate from and to pretty much any size you want. I used Carl Slater from Roo Signs ( If any of you get it printed would love to see the results. Enjoy! lotus-evora-screen.svg
  9. Thanks guys yes it was the Press Launch event car, engine no. 003a, reg. AU09 AKK and driven by Jeremy Clarkson on the Top Gear review: And it's featured in a few magazine reviews from 2009, EVO, The engine was damaged after the journalists pushed the car to its limits. After that it apparently spent some time sat in the Lotus factory before being sold to Stratton motorsport who experimented with a few modifications to the original engine. It now pushes (allegedly) 420bhp. Fortunately the previous owner had the unenviable task of replacing the clutch as that hadn't been upgraded as the same time as the engine. Despite some 'nuances' (the most amusing of which is the fuel filler flap which decides to pop up at random moments like an extra spoiler) my son and I love it. First major outing this year will be to the Goodwood FoS so really looking forward to that, would be good to meet up with some like minded enthusiasts. Oh also managed to get the Lotus Radio flash screen converted into a sticker for my sons bedroom. I have the files if anyone wishes to do the same:
  10. Thought I'd say hi and introduce myself, my son and our recent addition to the family. As a 10 year old boy my son is car mad. At three years old he could recognise any car logo we showed him and he now takes it the the next level with models, stats and the like. Let's just say he put's his dad and grandad (former designer and engineer) to shame. As a boy who's face was constantly stuck against the glass of the local car dealership (who also stocked and serviced Lotus cars) and whose dream car was white and turned into a submarine it's great to have grown up sufficiently to finally own one. The look on my sons face when we revealed it to him was worth every penny. So we'd like to introduce 'Jeremy' (the name given to the car by my son). There's something a bit special about this car so we're going to have a little quiz. You have 10 attempts to guess why this car is special..... Hint there are two clues in this post.
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