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  1. So I have found the engine number - it's clearly not the original engine (003a). It's not easy to read the photos I managed to take but it looks like J418811XJC5E. Does anyone know how to relate an engine number to an engine model?
  2. There's a couple of local exhaust specialists so will speak to them to see costs of a custom downpipe. Would still be good to find the engine number. Maybe next time I get the tray off I'll have a more detailed look. Thanks for the help/suggestions.
  3. Yes that's the point 🙂 @21gg, I'd like to retain the Swindon, the Plack will be temporary. Does anyone know where the engine number is? - I can then check which model this is and which manifolds it normally has.
  4. @21gg, yes I believe you're correct they just got the engine in a crate, but without finding the engine number on the installed unit I can't confirm whether it matches the original engine number (003a) or was a replacement. Intention here is only to remove the Swindon exhaust (single unit) and replace with the Plack but since Plack is only from the downpipes forward I need to identify the model of the engine to ensure when buying downpipes that they are the right model. So replacing one piece exhaust (Swindon unit which includes downpipes) with two part exhaust; Plack end - which I have and downpipes, which I need to buy.
  5. @21gg, the exhaust and downpipe are all one unit, the flange that would be at the midpoint in a standard exhaust is the braided flex joint you can just see behind the cross member. The Plack would fit on the end of the normal mid flange. The exhaust is also Swindon - you can just see the identifying plate on the pipework that goes into the silencer, lefthand side of the third picture down. @Bruss, it's a Swindon engine but I can't identify which model the donor engine was from - and not being able to find an engine number makes it more difficult - the Evora manual shows the position of a normal engine number plate but I can't find similar on this engine (or I'm looking in the wrong place)
  6. Hi, This may seem an odd post but I don't know what engine I have in my Evora. Long story short it's the press launch car and the 'original engine' may have either been upgraded or replaced when purchased by Stratton Motorsport (original engine having been blown whilst being driven by the 'press' alledgedly). Stratton don't have a record of the engine and all I have to go on is a video from JayEmm when it was for sale. I have a Plack to fit but the current exhaust is a Stratton manufactured one, a single unit and the downpipes joints are not at the same angle as what the original engine would be based on what I've found in the parts catalogue. So I have the Plack but no idea which middle assembly (ringed in red) I would need to buy. I can't locate the engine number so struggling to even use that to identify what the engine is. I have uploaded some photos in the hope they'll be of some help to someone more knowledgeable. Any assistance gratefully received.
  7. So after a bit of further investigation.... I was just preparing to remove the starter motor and carry out a DIY refurb when I noticed that one of the solenoid connectors seemed loose. Removed it and put it back on, made sure it had a solid connection and it now starts without fail. I'm going to have to monitor over the next few days but if the resolution was as simple as this I'm a happy man. Updates to follow and thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. @Scotsdave looks like you got it. After trying a few things which didn’t work I gave the starter motor a light tap with a hammer and it started up. Subsequently seized up again but at least I know and can get it out to repair it. Thanks @TomE and @Bruss for the suggestions.
  9. I need to understand a bit more the circumstances that lead to this but it started yesterday and was preceded, perhaps coincidentally, by an issue with the drivers window. Lotus Evora (2009) - press launch car. Engine is the original but was 'tweaked' by Stratton Motorsport before I bought it. Car is driven regularly (1-3 times a week). Issue occurred after a short journey of about five miles. Yesterday took the car out for a short drive down to the shops with my son. I popped out to the shop and when I returned my son mentioned that I hadn't closed the door properly. In my absence my son reported the auto window open/close kicked in repeatedly which meant he had to get out of the car to close the door properly. Returned home, parked in the drive and popped into the house. About an hour later I went to put the car into the garage. Ignition key turns, usual lights flash and pre-ignition noises. However on the final twist nothing. Tried various combinations of start up , in gear, out of gear, clutch depressed, not depressed in the vain hope that may have an impact but nothing. Couple of hours later tried again and started up without issue so parked in the garage, turned off and tried the ignition again immediately to find the same fault. I have yet to try today and I'm sure I'll find that it's only happening in certain circumstances but in the interim any guidance as to possible root cause so I can start to narrow things down? I will report additional detail as I find it, thanks in advance.
  10. Quick shoot whilst visiting Coombe Abbey
  11. Not normally a fan of accentuated B&W photos but when your car is black and white with red calipers it kind of lends itself. Hope you like them, taken this weekend near Silverstone Lotus.
  12. Thanks guys, sorry been off-line for a bit. @au-yt, yes I had thought about a dyno but running the engine for a short period at max revs gives me nightmares 🙂
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