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  1. Lotus ERA for me. Short, to the point with gravitas. Doesn’t need a whole page of a press release to explain it! Heralds a new Lotus era. End of. That said endless jokes about Lotus Error would get old pretty quick. Whatevija, it is what it is!
  2. Sounds a bit steep! Try Black Circles, rear Cup 2s for a 410 are £265 each, fitted. Deal on PS4s currently too, £230 for each rear plus another £40 off when you buy 4, using code 4MICH40. Cup2 is worth the extra on a 410 though I reckon.
  3. It’s very cool but nothing like the T130. Which was heavily influenced by the Panther Solo 😉
  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had issues, doesn’t do much for the confidence especially when you’re far from home. Could it even be something to do with the weather? Sounds pretty extreme over in France right now. Hope you get a speedy and permanent fix and glad the car didn’t leave you stranded.
  5. I was at Nissan at the time of the Qashqai launch and I can tell you first hand that they never had any idea that it was going to be such a massive hit. It was a total punt to nothing after years of struggling to gain C-segment market share! The timing was more luck than judgement.
  6. Funny then how people seem to like the least practical, least comfortable, 600bhp SUVs the most! No one’s slagging Porsche off they most certainly did get lucky with the rebadged VWs. Ask anyone at Porsche!
  7. Buddsy a fair point but I would conclude that you need get an Exige V6 while you can. Plenty of automotive adventures still to be had out there that might not be available in the near future. A lot here are making the assumption that a Lotus SUV is guaranteed to be successful. I would challenge that. The Evora makes perfect sense in theory. Reality - people just carried on buying 911s. It’s more likely that much the same will happen again with the Chinese built and engineered Lotus Earthworm vs Macan than it be a runaway success. 3 people here want one just because it’s a Lotus, that’s gr
  8. No crime in liking SUVs either but think you might have been a bit trigger happy liking a post that ducked the question. Most here seem to think a Lotus SUV is a necessary evil at best so not really cause for celebration. As for why copying Porsche might not work, let’s start with how Porsche and Lotus are very different companies in very different circumstances. Car mags like to create this idea of a rivalry but really there isn’t one. Porsche need to find homes for over 200k high end cars every year. They will stick a Porsche badge on anything in order to hit those numbers and have done
  9. While it’s somewhat reassuring that no one on this forum can explain the popularity of SUVs it does beg the question why some of the same Lotus stalwarts welcome the arrival of a Lotus SUV? Best reason given so far appears to be ‘just cos’. But I welcome some debate at least. The day the idea of a Lotus SUV isn’t stirring up some strong views on here is a very sad day indeed.
  10. As much as Scotty seems to like your posts you still haven’t answered the question as to why you think it would work for Lotus and why you don’t think there’s any other way. Maybe Scotty knows?
  11. What makes you think it would work for Lotus? Or that there is no other way forward?
  12. Why is an SUV now considered the only way to make money in the sports car business? Surely there are other possibilities? Lotus are known for being pioneers, for leading not following. What makes SUVs so irresistible to buyers and why would they want a Lotus one? Traditional notions of driving pleasure aren’t a consideration among SUV’s whereas the status of the badge and image is everything. Doesn’t exactly play to Lotus’s strengths or core competencies.
  13. Sport version is super rare. Doubt they made double figures. Seems good value compared with the GT410 now too. Not convinced they ever reached 60 of the winged versions either. UK had way more than any other market. Too many by the look of unsold stock perhaps. Lotus Order books closed for both varieties some time ago.
  14. Not much joy on the other thread, anyone here understand why SUVs are so popular? So sad to see a company built on radical innovation so short of ideas it feels compelled to do what everyone else is doing. I personally have even more respect for McLaren for declaring that they won’t build an SUV. Sends out exactly the right message for those who don’t get this senseless trend. Fast estates I totally get, fast SUVs totally not.
  15. I’ve never understood why SUVs sell so well does anyone actually know? As such I don’t see that it’s now the only way for a sports car maker to broaden its appeal. Lotus sold 30,000+ Elises, introduced the brand to a whole load of new customers and convinced them all of the benefits of lightweight construction. A lesson that everyone else seems to have forgotten - again. Last time Lotus forgot its founding principles, a Japanese car maker made a fortune on a Lotus inspired design with a sports car that is still selling strongly today. If Lotus go down the me-too SUV route then many in the
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