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  1. Just switched back to the original fuel pressure regulator, and key-on gives me 45psi, with a bleed-down to 35psi 15-20 seconds after the pump stops running. Not happy with the faster bleed-down, but starting and idling the pressure is rock-steady at 40psi. I idled it up to temp (no time to drive tonight unfortunately) and when it dropped the idle down it did seem to be still more improved. Hopefully I'll get out for a drive this weekend and see how it's doing now.
  2. This summer has just flown by ... too busy for my own good, but I did buy a fuel pressure gauge and got an interesting result: key on, fuel pump ran for a few seconds and pressure was around 32-35psi, then dropped rapidly. So today I replaced the fuel pump, with really promising results. First, key-on yields 40psi and holds. I didn't bother starting it to watch the pressure - wanted to drive it! It's definitely idling a lot better, though still not *quite* there. Hoping to have a few minutes tomorrow to switch the fuel pressure regulator back to the original one to see if the pressure is a little higher, and if the problem is reduced more. The new pump was installed without the pulsation damper (immersion-rated fuel hose used to replace it). For anyone else replacing the fuel pump, pick up a Kent Moore J-35731 wrench. I got one from ebay for just a few dollars and I wouldn't do the job without it - likely saved me a few hours of frustration. I've found no problems with vacuum lines or with the plug leads, but I appreciate all the thought everyone's put into this for me so far. Steve.
  3. Hi Pete - Do you happen to have one of those cigar lighters available still? It's an exact match for the one in my '89 Esprit Turbo (non-SE). See pic. I've been driving around with one missing ever since I bought it. Thanks in advance - Steve.
  4. Thanks Andy ... The injectors were replaced over the winter with RC injectors from JAE ... I'm *hoping* they're not the problem. The originals were sent out for cleaning/servicing and they were deemed not salvageable - so your suggestion was definitely good! Thanks for wading in again John! There's no hesitation in that scenario. I'll still pay some attention to the plug wires while I'm chasing the vacuum lines, but I'll focus on the latter. I appreciate all the thoughts and suggestions guys! Steve.
  5. Thanks Richard! I had really dismissed the plug leads since they're new, but you're right: definitely worth looking at the routing at least. I shall add that to the to-do list! Love your Elite, by the way! Steve
  6. Time for a quick update ... took far longer than expected, but: - Fuel pressure regulator has been changed (used a Tomco 21008, which is a PR103 clone - if anyone else trips over this and uses that part, make sure you also pick up three #10 x 32tpi 3/8" cap head screws ... different from the metric threads on the original). Unfortunately no change in idle. - Inlet manifold gasket is intact. I have a smoke machine so hooked that up and showed no leaks. - Throttle body adjustment has not been meddled with, and the hose trick sounds to my ear as if everything is well-balanced. Next up: checking vacuum lines. Steve.
  7. Andy ... thanks so much for the detail. The extra effort is very much recognised and appreciated. I'll start working through the hit list over the next week and report back with any findings. This is the first and only Esprit I've been in so with a sample size of one there's been that nagging question of "just what is normal for these anyway?" I knew the initial characteristic definitely wasn't it. With the improvements I've already made I think it's getting close. Thanks again! Steve.
  8. Hi Andy - Thanks for wading into this mystery! HT leads are brand new (OEM Lotus). This made a small difference in conjunction with other changes that were made at the same time. I've looked over the vacuum lines, but it's probably time to go through them again ... good thought! I hadn't considered throttle body balance. Do you know if that would impact idle only? Also wasn't thinking about the fuel pressure regulator as I figured fuel pressure issues would show up more under acceleration, but I'll add it to the list. I had a leakdown test done late last year, with a result of <5% loss. IACV was replaced yesterday (along with the O2 sensor) and this definitely had a positive impact. Idle now feels much better, though it's still fairly rough and hunts a bit rather than holding steady RPM. Idle is dead smooth with the AC on so the revs are around 1175. Thanks for giving me a few ideas to chase! Steve.
  9. Hi John - Yep! I checked the timing shortly after getting the car just because of the idle characteristics, and while the car was in the shop I had them renew the timing belt and replace the exhaust cam pulley with a green dot pulley. All correctly timed (the mechanic was familiar with the pulley swap). Valve lash was also checked and found to be in-spec at the same time. Your thoughts are going in the same direction as mine, which is encouraging! Steve.
  10. Hi John - Nope! As poorly as it was originally running I expected some codes, but it has never thrown a single one. It seems perfectly happy - just idling a little rough. Thanks - Steve.
  11. Hi Ian - The problem was definitely there before the new parts - I've had the car for a couple of years and it's had the rough idle problem ever since I got it. It spent some time in a local shop over the winter where they determined the coils were questionable and the injectors had poor spray pattern (cleaning didn't correct this, so I had them replaced). These changes did improve it a small amount. So it's definitely getting better ... just not quite there yet! Thanks - Steve
  12. Quick update: replaced the oxygen sensor (Bosch 13030) and IAC valve (Delco 217421 equivalent), did another reset of the ECU, and another drive with data logging. The idle has definitely improved, though it's not yet smooth. Switching on the AC to boost idle to 1175 smooths things out to perfection - that alone is a massive improvement. I should have mentioned before that the car recently had new fuel injectors (RC, supplied by JAE), ignition coils (MSD), and new plug leads (genuine Lotus). And a leakdown test showed <5% loss on all cylinders. I'm rather at a loss. Any chance giving it some time to relearn might clear things up? New Freescan log is attached. Steve. new-o2-new-iac.csv
  13. Hi - My 1989 Esprit Turbo (non-SE) has always idled rough, with the engine "hunting" between about 875-1050RPM. It doesn't stall but does run rough enough to shake the car. Once it's above idle it seems to run well. The car has 27,200 miles on it, the EBP valve and throttle jack have been removed. I did a Freescan recording this afternoon - cold start, drive to fully warm up, then idle for 3-4 minutes. It wasn't hunting as badly as it has on occasion, but it was noticeable. The .csv file is attached in case any of the experts here has a few minutes to take a look and maybe offer some thoughts on a potential cause. Any help would be very much appreciated. Steve. 7-5-22-ColdStart-Drive-Idle.csv
  14. A little late here, but I've purchased a bunch of jubilee clips from PYI Inc ( The best jubilee clips I've ever used - a little on the pricey side but well worth it in my estimation.
  15. SCCFC20A7KHF62635 1989 Esprit Turbo (non-SE) Calypso red
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