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  1. Hi Steve, sorry for the late response, been working hard on a friend's Subaru wrx. The details about the electric steering would be: Bought the steering column with the control unit. You can connect electrically 2 ways, with or without vehicle speed signal. I chose the non signal because it is much more simple, the difference would be the same steering assistance all the time, but the steering weight was so perfect that I didn't need it. Make sure the steering comes from a Yaris that does have ABS. The mechanical part is to cut the lotus column into 2 pieces and the toyota in 2 pieces and weld
  2. Thanks Guys for your response. I haven't been on the forum a long time. I have already installed an electric power steering on my car and it runs fantastic. It is a very simple conversion and you don't have to modify anything else on the car. It came from a 2010 Toyota Yaris and cost me $200. I can provide details if anybody is interested. My new project that I need help with is to eliminate the mechanical vacume pump and replacing it with an electric one. I need it to run the entire vacume system on the car, engine, brakes heater etc. Ant pictures or diagrams would be appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I own a 1989 Esprit turbo and am contemplating with the idea of electric power steering conversion. Tired of the heavy steering. I heard Hilly had some pictures posted could you please point me to the right direction? By the way I leave in Los Angeles. Thanks Roger
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