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  1. @GFWilliams I have heard from SSC that they are engineering a full custom retrofit linkage that looks the same as the linkage from the 410/430 for the earlier exige v6's. So that could be another option in the future.
  2. So, before buying my Exige 410 the Porsche 997 GT3 was on my shortlist. Yesterday I came across a 997 GT3 RS on the track. Here's the video! Note: dive bombing pre corner is strictly not allowed during these sessions. Would've gotten past sooner otherwise!
  3. Another pic. Went to chase a sunrise on Saturday but was foiled by the clouds. Then today got to meet up with Martin and a few others at Sydney Motorsports Park South Circuit. Friendly bunch, and it seemed well organised and pretty chill. Will definitely look at joining the next day at SMSP North! (Hmmm, are all my pics loading for everyone, or are they not showing up on these posts? I just noticed a bunch weren't, then I refreshed and then they popped up.)
  4. I'm hoping to get Bart Mawer. My partner had lots of time on the track with him, and I've watched back the incar video and listened to what he's saying. She improved massively after he was in the car with her.
  5. A few pics I've taken of my Sport 410:
  6. Hey there. I'm booked in for a couple. I can't wait :).
  7. Up at 4:30am this morning unable to sleep. So I went for a drive and took a photo. link to a pic without the weird compression
  8. Hardest thing will be getting in and out. Once you're in though you'll be fine.
  9. Here's a short clip of my wife and I out on track. I think one of us has an unfair advantage.
  10. Wow! That would be a lot of fun. That said, I honestly don't think it needs more power...yet. R spec rubber, and a vbox to help tune me to the car would definitely cut down lap times significantly.
  11. Lots of the guys from the Porsche Club came over to have a look and ask a few questions between each session. Lots of people commented on how it looked and sounded on track, many were shocked when I mentioned everything was stock from the factory.
  12. I'm disappointed that I couldn't get to SMSP today to say Hello. One of my friends from the Porsche Club knows you. He told me that he knows of a car similar to mine that lives near him. I was telling him the story of how I drove a laser blue 2013 Exige V6 S that I was about to buy instead of my car, but didn't due to some unexpected health issues coming about. I think you might know the car pretty well It was sold while I was sick. But it worked out for the best. When I saw it was sold I emailed Lee, and after a few phone calls with Lee, and more emails I ended up
  13. Had an awesome time at the track yesterday getting a feel for the car and hassling some mates in Porsches. I even got to drive on the track at the same time as my partner. Flew by her twice. I started the day trying out Sport mode, and slowly seeing how the car felt and reacted. I found myself saying, "wow" out aloud often after taking a few corners. The attitude change the car has with what are seemingly minuscule input changes is shocking. I love it. By the end of the day I was leaving it in Race. Had so much fun. Wasn't pushing the car at all, but still ended up at the poi
  14. Awesome. I'll try to make time to stop by. I'll be at the PCNSW Supersprint tomorrow, just taking it easy and getting a feel for the car. I've not really had much seat time in the Lotus and I'm a little nervous tbh. I normally try to take a few long twisty drives, and do a couple of motorkhana's in a car before I take it to a sprint. I've just not been able to make time this time around. I have a feeling that the car's front end doesn't bite as well as I'm use to, and tends towards push understeer given the little drives I have done. But I'm not sure. I guess I'll find out tomorrow
  15. Love the attention to detail in your car GF. I have a feeling we crossed paths many, many years ago on the dieselstation forums in the photography section. You were just getting into photography or something, and your shots were amazing already. I think. I'm not sure. It was so long ago.
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