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  1. Awesome. I'll try to make time to stop by. I'll be at the PCNSW Supersprint tomorrow, just taking it easy and getting a feel for the car. I've not really had much seat time in the Lotus and I'm a little nervous tbh. I normally try to take a few long twisty drives, and do a couple of motorkhana's in a car before I take it to a sprint. I've just not been able to make time this time around. I have a feeling that the car's front end doesn't bite as well as I'm use to, and tends towards push understeer given the little drives I have done. But I'm not sure. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Very cool. Make sure to say hi if you see me about
  2. Love the attention to detail in your car GF. I have a feeling we crossed paths many, many years ago on the dieselstation forums in the photography section. You were just getting into photography or something, and your shots were amazing already. I think. I'm not sure. It was so long ago.
  3. Just finished reading this thread over my last few commutes. Great thread and awesome car, Imran!
  4. Thanks for the kind comments. The weather has been really bad around here since I took delivery. Storms, and hail. So I haven't been able to drive her since delivery day. The weekend is looking like more of the same :(. I do have one regret. I regret not getting the whole car wrapped. I only had the entire front clam wrapped in PPF, and sections of the rear bumper. Everywhere else I noticed the dealer installed swirl marks. Seeing as I don't really want to drive it in storms I figured I'd get started on removing the swirls. (before anyone comments, I know the foam pad isn't on the DA polisher! ) I also took the front access panel for the first time since I got her home, and took a pic of one of the remote reservoirs. First track day was scheduled to be on March 23 with my local Porsche club. But with the weather looking horrible this weekend I don't think I'll be able to drive the car enough/get enough kms/seat time belt before then.
  5. Another 410! Very cool! I see yours has the CF seats, colour interior package, CF side skirts, and the rubber lip under the front.
  6. Harness bar and harnesses! Ah, interesting. I still have the 3-way Nitrons.
  7. Hi guys, I picked up my first Lotus yesterday, and I'm still buzzing. Shocked, would be an appropriate adjective to describe my experience with these cars. The car is so good. I can't wait to get it on the track to see how it is. Our Aussie spec differs slightly from the UK spec. The side pods aren't the larger CF ones (I plan to change this), front splitter isn't CF (I don't mind...I would be worried that a CF splitter would explode on me), and non CF seats as far as I can tell (bummer). Otherwise, all else is the same. I was looking for a car that was fit-for-purpose, that didn't compromise for the sake of luxuries someone else would need, and didn't make my wallet tremble every time I was at the track looking for tenths of seconds. This car ticked all the boxes. Well, a couple of 2013/2014 Exige V6S's ticked most of the boxes but both got sold out from under me, and I'm a little impatient. So this is where I ended up. Hopefully I don't ask too many stupid questions. I'm very very green when it comes to Lotus's! Below are some pics I took as soon as I got her home. (temporary number plate location)
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