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  1. I am just too lazy to ever disconnect the battery, wait 15 minutes, discharge residual voltage from the systems and reconnect. I sometimes like software ways of doing one or another task for me :-) At least one mysteria remains: Where is that throttle position sense value stored in NVRAM ? Maybe it is not at all just because the ECM is auto-adjusting from my observation. Even with a bad mechanical adjustment the logs throw 100% dynamic readings in spite of static 93% e.g. You just loose definition in steps between lowest and highest TPS value, and of course a little real throttle pla
  2. Great advice here, thanks. I have cleaned all throttle plates and bores thoroughly. Nothing extraordinary was in there just soft oily blackish residue. After adjusting the main throttle stop I now have an IACV count around 40. And I feel the surging has lightened. Prior to a final evaluation I would like to reset the ECM again. Will I have the same effect as like the standard procedure of disconnecting the battery etc. when I just reset the BLM and IACV via Freescan ? Isn't there further variables stored the ECM has to relearn anew ? BTW meanwhile I have a
  3. I have only just adjusted the pedal range to get a 100% TPS reading with ignition on. Slack seems still ok when engine is warmed. I have IAC readings around 60 after 10 minutes of the engine running to normal temp from cold. Where is this minimum air rate bleed screw loacated ? I only know of a throttle plate stop screw from the service notes section EMH.3 page 18 . And reading on page 17 I get confirmed what you have been describing. Thank you for pushing me into that direction. Besides I already have I new intake plenum cover gasket handy if I will inspect the throttle plates
  4. I have not found a reference for a throttle adjustment measure. But I presume mine is ok. My Freescan setup on Windows XP was buggy. I could not write any useful logs. They all ended with 0kb file size. I also wanted to setup the TPS voltage a little different than 0.51 volts at idle to check for influences on this surging problem at cruising speed. Perhaps the TPS is worn in the most used places. That would become an indicator for a new one. However the voltage display in Feeescan is not very cooperative. Even a new driver setup did not help. It reacts very very retarded and mostly
  5. Short question: What does VE stand for ? Do you happen to know the absolute hexadecimal position of this table in SE and or S4S PROM ? What absolute address is the whole PROM mapped to at all ?
  6. Ok, I see . If you describe 28 or 31 as scale settings from the ECU you are most probably pointing to to some raw TPS data the ECU code deals with. I already have noticed that there is some more logic behind that. I had a deeper look at a Freescan log from a time before I had adjusted my throttle pedal stop. The 27 year old throttle cable had prolongued and nobody ever had touched this. The TPS-%-value already had reached 100% during test runs although in ignition on position, no engine running, I was only able to get 93% at maximum static reading. Prior to the TPS adjustment I
  7. Dave, thank you for the interesting explanations. I am about to investigate furhter on the Esprit ECU. However I currently have a constant 0.51 Volts TPS throttle closed reading. It did not vary over 3 separte extensive data logging runs in the course of one day starting 'cold' around 10 degrees Celsius. Do I understand you right measuring .28 to .31 volts at the TPS ? Can one clean a TPS or is it a sealed unit ? I have made good experiences with potentiometres from old CRT monitors I had been restoring using special purpose electronic cleaner. Inspecting my logs I don't find un
  8. Hi, I have adjusted the TPS and will have to swap my battery again. Voltage rarely exceeds 11.3 in the cold and drops to 7 volts when cranking but it starts the engine flawlessly at around 10 degrees Celsius. Upon swapping the battery for safety I will reset the ECU again just as documented in the manual. I had already done this a few weeks before. But now I would also like to hook up the new ALDL interface in the process just for curiousity. Will this be bodging the learning cycle ? I guess I will be logging at least half an hour starting from idling to a warmed up en
  9. Hi, meanwhile I have found a set of photographs from a HW I had inspected before buying the actual one which is labeled 'ESPRIT' on the small side windows. Your interior colour ain't 'Gold Leather' ? At least not the seats. My 'Gold Leather' interiour looks like it is yellowed but it is the original flavour I guess. The link is interesting reading and new to me, indeed. Anyhow I like the mixture of SE door trims, wooden binnacle, newer heating panel knobs, old style stalks, old steering wheel and the roomier place to be. Sometimes I even feel the Highwing seats ( = S4
  10. I finally managed to pop out the 4 head lights at the very frontmost metal rim from the adjuster/retainer studs nylon. WD40 and a decent short pulling lever helped a lot, the painted areas around did not.... In the end the owners manual is right although not being very detailed. You just don't want to destroy any of the fragile Lotus stuff in general.
  11. Hi Ruud, my Esprit was on but not for long. I might attach a sticker reading ESPRIT SE on the rear side windows. That is most probably the correct position for the badges with the HW. I did not find any evidence of a HW having the painted area badged. And I will cheakc for the side repeater locations and what happended to them. Are they readily available from any other car of the time ? I have purchased the Esprit for maintenance and care, a little engaged driving and in the hope of making no substantial loss after a period of maybe 10 or 15 years of ownership. That's the
  12. Hi Ruud, I very much appreciate your information on this Esprit. You are alright this is exactly the one I now have. The last 2 photographs you added are most probably made by the seller himself. It is his trailer anyhow. The last Kroymans service entry in the owners book is from 1998 at 20565 km wheras it already had 10455 km before the end of 1992. On the other hand I have 7 pages from a Dutch Lotus(?) computer database entitled 'Typering historie:REPARATIE' starting in 1998 and ending in 2010 just before export to Germany. Hence the 15000 km you might have remembered do fit very w
  13. Okay, interesting. The seller did mention a new partial paint. That might explain it. I did not recognise any new paint however. The strange round Lotus badges near to the fuel fillers are already gone btw. I did not like the really old style side repeaters anyhow. Just wondering why any MOT/TÜV engineer didn't mind it already. So there are definitely the Esprit window stickers missing, hmmm. It would help the public to recognise this car. Nobody will ever have seen this one here around.
  14. Here are some old pics showing the still current state of the car:
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