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  1. for oil pressure located here, just need a T fitting
  2. looking really nice except for the cheap looking binnacle cover.
  3. Car got Geo done before track day but after removed all the shims on left front corner, the most camber they get is -0.45. I thought exige 350 suppose to come with -0.8 from factory?? Car only has 4500km, perhaps springs need to settle after more mileage?
  4. thanks @BatMobile will think more about weight transfer on my next event.
  5. Thanks @W31SSN and @GFWilliams, definitely have rooms to improve. However, couple long stretch corners i don't feel the 1125kg exige has much traction over an audi RS4 with 1720kg (the car I pass only because he let go on gas). I follow this RS4 for two laps and straight line acceleration is pretty much even, I only gain up to him on selection with quick left/right turns. I thought lightness is suppose to outpace car like RS4 with ease.
  6. Hello Guys, some help would be appreciated. Drove the car on track the first time and the rear felt loose. Off gas into corner at limit and exit corner with moderate gas at Apex the rear end would slide. The car is 100% stock aside from adding harness and baffled oil pan. Here are the settings on geometry. Tires: brand new cup2 215/265 (hot temp. 31psi f/r) Front camber -0.5, total toe out -0.08 Rear Camber -2.06, total toe in 0.36 Is this normal from what i described? I thought stock setting is understeer bias (Need to improve before adding more front negative camber) To put in perspective, fastest m2 on the same day did 1:53, and my first time with exige did 1:56. You could tell my car needs rear traction from my YouTube video.
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