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  1. Hello guys, I swap wheels quite often so I installed wheel studs just last week. I bought it from elise shops. I use loctite 242 to secured those studs torque to 35 Nm
  2. @Bravo73 yup, that will come next after few track days. thanks!
  3. Hello Guys, I notice brake starts to fade after 4-5 hot laps. Car has DBA rotors with endless pads. Don't want to drill holes and route from the front so i design and 3d printed a duct that fits under lower A arms. Air outlet can't get any closer to the rotor otherwise it would hit when turn at full lock. Will do more testing and possibly make one in carbon fiber. Any opinions would be appreciated 🙂 thx
  4. @EldonZ didn't put protection film as it'll turn yellow overtime and cannot be replaced. Could use same wrap in small round pieces to patch any stone chips but car will need rewrap at some point.
  5. @EldonZ yes, need to remove headlight, front splitter, side skirts, door seal, door cards, scoops, roof. I had the car inner fully wrapped as well Cost might be similar to paint but I didn't ask.
  6. Hello Everyone, just sharing few pictures of my car with Alias 23 front splitter and side skirts + new wrapped with 3m 1080 sky blue. front splitter from alias 23 fits perfectly to original mounting holes; side skirts does require drilling few holes to install but it was quite simple. Overall just made the car look so much nicer. Also, I have driven on track with these side skirts and see much less rubber debris on rear fenders, nice added benefit for ppl who track their car regularly👍
  7. Hello Guys, I have MX2E installed but take video using virb xe and link with obdII bluetooth reader. I'm not sure whats the cause of this but my car had rough idle and later on unable to start. lotus tech told me car's ecu and MX2E was broken and had to be replaced. when MX2E was on the car they are unable to logon to the replacement ECU. I've used OBDII reader on many of my car and nothing like this happen but is it possible that when both units, MX2E and OBDII reader is requesting data from ECU at the same time through canbus that ended up causing MX2E and ECU to malfunction?
  8. @cweeden its trigger by fuel injection duty cycle signal. Good thing on Aquamist kit is that it doesn't just turns on and off, spray is controlled by a fast acting valve that ramp up spray from trigger point to max. kit does not come with water tank, so just I just bought one from "SNOW", tank is only 2.84L but it doesn't use much water on a 1.5 hrs mountain road drive. it still had 3/4 of water when i got home. Reckon it'll gobble up much faster on track. I was afraid to put too much water so i first tried 80ml/m nozzle but ended up using 150ml/m, didn't try more flow cuz that's the biggest one i've ordered.
  9. Hello Guys, after getting some parts fixed I finally got the water injection kit installed last week. car is running on a Aquamist HSF3 kit with 0.4C 150ml/m nozzle. car is not tune with water injection, rather its just there to add a bit of safety against detonation during hot days in Taiwan. So I was expecting some lost of power when it kicks in but surprisingly I don't feel any power lost when its running (butt dyno lol). feel free to ask me aquamist settings if you guys decide to get one. cheers LINE_MOVIE_1595498702408.mp4
  10. Yes, I agree aim products are top quality, but it might be malfunction due to a damaged ECU. Lotus dealership told me I have to replace ECU(it's a long story), to be on the safe side, better to check on aim as well cuz it indeed is preventing connection to obdII
  11. Thanks @alias23 but lotus dealership told me car's ECU is broken and needs replacement. car will be there for quite sometime. they told me since i always keep obdII dongle in the socket, it might be broken and cause ECU to go bad. is that a possibility?
  12. Hello everyone, Car is in lotus dealership to check on engine problem, they could not connect to ecu unless they remove aim dash. Somehow it's interfering with obdII. Are there anyone experiencing same problem? My car has tvs1900, runs well when first installed but now having some engine problem, it seems two precat o2 sensors are not giving signals.
  13. Hello @Kristof Thys, inject pre blower and water only won't change air/fuel ratio. to get the most out of water/methanol injection you need to get the car tuned; i'm adding it not to increase power but just to prevent engine knock during summer track days. all info came from searching on google and asking around so if something doesn't sound right, please let me know. thanks! red circle shows where the nozzle will be installed.
  14. Hello Everyone, small update on my car, I ended up choosing a Harrop TVS1900 non-cooled kit, mainly because there is no independent shop that specialize Lotus here and non-cooled kit is very easy to install. Just drove the car back from the shop and quite like the new found noise coming from the air intake. haven't really push the car but can tell immediately there is a lot more torque. Taiwan is known to have very hot and humid summer so decided to install aquamist water/methanol injection; shop pre tap a hole on the compressor for the nozzle and since ecu will not make any compensation to the cooler air (no IAT sensor after compressor) I will first try the smallest nozzle available from Aquamist(80cc/min). will update again after aquamist is in place. Thanks the guys at SSC, their quick replies made the whole experience silky smooth.
  15. anyone tracking their 460+ hp exige with stock internals? any issues so far?
  16. @GazzyFizzle bought and installed at Taiwan lotus dealership. @alias23 not really, cuz prefer to be louder if I change. Any pictures on lsd installation without engine out?👍🏼 Curious how many second off my laptime with lsd.
  17. thanks for all the replies. @TBDGood to know internals are good for EX460 kit. I agree Komotec offers a more complete kit with full exhaust but the track I go has 106db noise limit; OEM exhaust rev to 4K just pass the limit by a few db. what I do now is rev to 3.6k and hope the guy looking at my dash would give me a break Lol. (3.6k at 98db) LSD would be nice but requires engine out, If do that, i'll be thinking about forged internal, uprated clutch etc. and most likely be out of this year's budget but definitely on my list later on. Autoblip and bluetooth earphones are consider luxuries on car like this😄. I could heel toe just fine but about 2 out of 10 times would not be perfectly smooth; with autoblip it feels almost like PDK downshift, quite pleased with it, plus can be turn off with a button. one thing to note if anyone wants to get one, connection would be better if solder instead of quick splice to car's signal lines.
  18. Hello Everyone, I'm a first time lotus owner, picked up my car 8 months ago from Lotus dealership Taiwan. Car runs perfectly so far, no issue whatsoever, very exciting to drive. having done few mods and track days, i figure its time to look at power upgrades + brakes. I am debating between charged cooled or non cooled power upgrades. From what i have read, stock internals are reliable at 430hp so non-cooled kits from both komotec and harrop should be worried free. but what about charged cooled kit? at 460~470hp, is forged internal a must? I do around 5 to 7 track days a year. any opinions are appreciated. List of mods so far: harness bar, Schroth 4pt, oil pressure/oil temp. gauge, moroso baffled sump, lightweight battery, steering arm, Advan Racing wheels, Carbon roof, Carbon service panel, Autoblip, momo removable steering wheel, 3ways nitron, Komotec Wing, Aim Dash MX2E.
  19. for oil pressure located here, just need a T fitting
  20. looking really nice except for the cheap looking binnacle cover.
  21. Car got Geo done before track day but after removed all the shims on left front corner, the most camber they get is -0.45. I thought exige 350 suppose to come with -0.8 from factory?? Car only has 4500km, perhaps springs need to settle after more mileage?
  22. thanks @BatMobile will think more about weight transfer on my next event.👍
  23. Thanks @W31SSN and @GFWilliams, definitely have rooms to improve. However, couple long stretch corners i don't feel the 1125kg exige has much traction over an audi RS4 with 1720kg (the car I pass only because he let go on gas). I follow this RS4 for two laps and straight line acceleration is pretty much even, I only gain up to him on selection with quick left/right turns. I thought lightness is suppose to outpace car like RS4 with ease.
  24. Hello Guys, some help would be appreciated. Drove the car on track the first time and the rear felt loose. Off gas into corner at limit and exit corner with moderate gas at Apex the rear end would slide. The car is 100% stock aside from adding harness and baffled oil pan. Here are the settings on geometry. Tires: brand new cup2 215/265 (hot temp. 31psi f/r) Front camber -0.5, total toe out -0.08 Rear Camber -2.06, total toe in 0.36 Is this normal from what i described? I thought stock setting is understeer bias (Need to improve before adding more front negative camber) To put in perspective, fastest m2 on the same day did 1:53, and my first time with exige did 1:56. You could tell my car needs rear traction from my YouTube video.
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