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  1. I agree with you Jack, that 12.5 a/f as a number is not necessarily bad but in the context of a midrange rpm a/f, it is definitely rich. Most of the tuners tend to favor a/f in the 13's in this range and save 12's for the higher rpm of max power. As you pointed out, this is all case dependent as we dont all enjoy the same fuel quality so an overall setting for the whole world will tend to have fail safe numbers to protect against premature failures. However, with our v6 setup (smalllish SC that is already past the peak efficiency of its operational range), fuel is used to counteract higher IAT. My aim would be to manage IAT with another tool other than fuel. Jpr
  2. Agreed. But there is nothing wrong with optimization. I'm afraid that the rich condition compromises the lubrication by washing the cylinder walls, and robs performance. If the aim is to keep IAT down, then an intercooler or methanol is a better choice than fuel.
  3. 12.5 is still very rich. As if the ECU tuning is using fuel to cool the mixture to avoid knock. the conventional wisdom is to lean out for torque and richen up for power on the top end. Methanol injection would be a better tool for that and take less space than a charge cooler. Jpr
  4. I think that it is more to do with the door hinge than the striker pin. If I lower it then the door might out of square. Maybe the door hinge bearing is worn and needs to be refreshed. Jpr
  5. The passenger door on my Exige is well adjusted and closes with ease. The driver's door is lower and hits the striker pin and has to be had driven to close. How can I adjust it so that it is aligned like the passenger? Thanks in advance, Jpr
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