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  1. Thanks all. confirmed, it is the same windscreen Jpr
  2. My V6 is in the US. If i dont do the homwork for the winsheild company, they will screw it up. They dont know the V6 here. JOR
  3. Have to change my front winscreen on my v6 cup. Is it the same as the regular elise/exige one? Does it come with the outer frame? Thanks
  4. My rear wing is a little ragged with a couple of cracks here and there, maybe was used to close the hatch by the previous owner. Is the straight blade 430 cup wing sturdier? is it better supported on the newer cars than just mounted on the rear hatch like the v6 cup?. Looking to replace mine either the original V6 cup or the newer straight blade if you happen to have one available......... Thanks Jpr
  5. not that I can see. It may not be true of other brands of the same size, some run wider tread or have a different sidewall profile.
  6. I use the 235/40's Bridgestone 71R's in the front and they feel great. Jpr
  7. Thanks Kristof, Yeah, the filter was very dirty. Replaced it with a new BMC foam type (it was the original one as well). Will try to clean the MAF and see how it goes. Thanks
  8. My Cup V6 is running rich according to the engine codes that I have retrieved with the code reader. the engine is rich on both banks so I'm getting both 172 and 175 codes. I can see some black soot residue on the back of the car and notice that, when revving the engine with the car at a standstill, upon tip in the throttle (with healthy throttle application), I can see the trace of black smoke in the exhaust, especially, from low rpm. The code reader shows me that the engine ecu is trying to trim down the mixture at idle but its not able to get it to where it wants. That leads me to believe that the oxigen sensors are good (telling the ecu that it needs to cut fuel) but something else (suspect the MAF sensor) is holding it back. I clear the codes and they come back after a while. Any input is appreciated! Thanks Jpr
  9. They came with the car when I bought it. it seems the consensus is that while not a lot faster than the cup 2 tires, they are more consistent and take more punishment for the wear. No rubbing. Just cleaned my wheel wells and no sign of them touching any part of the body on the stock rims. Jpr
  10. Here are some pictures of my car fitted with the RE-71R Bridgestone in 225/45/17 front and 275/35/18 rear. Jpr
  11. Im running 225/45 front and 275/35 rear using Bridgestone RE-71R and they work well with no rubbing that I have been able to feel or see. It is important to check the actual tread-width on the selected tire as they do vary for the same size.
  12. Hello, Has anyone modified the front hub bolt patter to match the rear?. It would give us a wide choice of aftermarket and high quality wheels. I would appear that its only weld/fill the existing wheel bolt holes in the hubs and re-drill and tap for the new 5 x 114.3 bolt pattern. the hub diameter can be adjusted with a centering ring on the wheel. Jpr
  13. I agree with you Jack, that 12.5 a/f as a number is not necessarily bad but in the context of a midrange rpm a/f, it is definitely rich. Most of the tuners tend to favor a/f in the 13's in this range and save 12's for the higher rpm of max power. As you pointed out, this is all case dependent as we dont all enjoy the same fuel quality so an overall setting for the whole world will tend to have fail safe numbers to protect against premature failures. However, with our v6 setup (smalllish SC that is already past the peak efficiency of its operational range), fuel is used to counteract higher IAT. My aim would be to manage IAT with another tool other than fuel. Jpr
  14. Agreed. But there is nothing wrong with optimization. I'm afraid that the rich condition compromises the lubrication by washing the cylinder walls, and robs performance. If the aim is to keep IAT down, then an intercooler or methanol is a better choice than fuel.
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