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  1. Tim, The original on with wiglets in spare parts is about 2900€. Elise-shop has a very nice alternative, very similar to the OEM for 460€, only they say it doesn't fit the facelift MY17.5 clam. The questions remains why it doesn't fit. Is it the licenseplate support? The form on the lower part of the clam?? I'll definitely keep an eye on the FB group
  2. Hi, I have a 2019 Elise Sport 220. Now, this has the facelift front clam. I'm looking for a while for a front splitter like on a CUP 250. The original Lotus part is extremely expensive. I've contacted guys like Komo-tec, Elise shop, ... and they all say the the S3 version they have won't fit. So, I'm a bit desperate.. Does anyone have an alternative? Does someone knows why it doesn't fit (I know that the license plate holder is different, but is removable)?
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