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  1. Thanks Ramjet, I did intend to put them up for sale but was after any ideas of how much these were likely to be worth. Regards Fred
  2. Guys, I sold the last of 4 Esprit's this time last year, a beautiful 02 model. I have various parts here but two of possible interest, I hope I'm not breaking any rules but advice on where I should pitch them would be good. The first is a new Nova rear wheel and the second is one of the Race Logic traction control systems we had the group buy for a few years ago. This has the dash display and is complete with all manuals as its never been fitted. It has been back to Race Logic for the modification that Swiss V8 found was necessary to stop the ABS light triggering. Any advice appreciat
  3. Well I got pulled over at the factory gates in the Esprit when we all went up there a couple of years ago on one of the Sunday events. Apparentlythey had a report of a car "similar" to mine with a "similar" index number "racing" but I handled that one well and the Officer told me what a nice car I has and shook my hand as he left. I then got pulled the next year when we had another Sunday event at the factory. Fair enough my plates weren't completely legal but not sure it required a U turn across oncoming traffic on a major road and the blues and twos. I do think he was a bit miffed when I was
  4. Hi Nautilus I was also there that day (with the Cambs group) and was amazed when they told us what was under the cover. I remember reading about the car when I was a kid in Motor magazine. Regards Fred
  5. I'm not too amused with Norfolk's plod, had a great day at the factory but got pulled yesterday on the way out of Norwich, copper was going in opposite direction to me, he did a fast U turn on main A road, raced past a number of cars and trucks without his blue lights. Caught me and followed me for half a mile before the blues and two's came on. I've got to put the defects on my vehicle right in 14 days, number plates too small although accepted that they were perfectly legible. I got a lecture on how people have italic fonts and playboy logo's on their numberplates, not sure why as I don't
  6. As always in life with a Lotus don't do as you would in the rest of your life - I occasionally have a code that my car throws that even Lotus can't explain, then its a case of clearing the code... That's not the one I mentioned above, there is a misconception that cutting the battery supply will "always" clear the CEL, it won't with some codes. Regards Fred
  7. I've had one code that would not reset with a battery disconnect, do you have a reader? Regards Fred
  8. Others can probably give more information but my UK V8 has the federal pipes which exit in the centre. These do indeed sound "nicer" than the normal pipes or the sport box which exits either side of the rear valence without being too noisy. I like them. Regards Fred
  9. I'm ashamed to say mine's still not fitted. Still we've finished our house now and no longer living in the caravan so I hope to get around to it soon. I know SwissV8 fitted his and had some problems with ABS, racelogic identified this and worked out a fix. I sent mine off to be modded and got it back in a matter of days. Not much help I know but an update from one of the group buyers! Regards Fred
  10. Mine does it sometimes, my old one did not. I've started to be able to "feel" it as I change out of 4th. I'll try Neal's 6th gear trick next time I drive her. Generally I've slowed down the change but it is hard, I drive the Evo more than the Esprit and that has quite the best gearchange I've ever tried. Regards Gay
  11. Near Yaxley, Peterborough earlier this evening. Anyone on here? Regards Fred
  12. My 02 did not have the S350 code when I got it - does now though and its noticeably quicker. Regards Fred
  13. If its hot I always reduce the pressue by 3-4psi in each wheel, pressure increases with heat so if you put them up they go up much more when you drive on track because they get hotter than on the road. I was first alerted to this by the guy who looks after my Evo, he used to be a mechanic for Dave Brodie in the Run baby run days and after that Tony Pond. Theory is that if the pressure is too high then you end up driving on the centres and have little grip. That said I remember Matthew Becker and Gavan Kershaw's advice when I did a lotus experience day in a V8 GT and SE at Silverstone back i
  14. This has been going on for years, my father had a greengrocers shop. Built it up over 30 years, won the greengrocer of the year award for the eastern region one year. Rates kept getting larger and larger, far outstripping the revenue increases in his business. Eventually mum and dad worked 7 days a week 52 weeks a year to pay rates to the local council, in fact they were losing money each year for the last three years. Despite all the evidence the scum bags still expected him to keep paying it for the remaining years on the lease even though he would be well past retirement age. We event
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