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  1. Hi guys. Exige V6 - when the car is warm, upon pulling off in 1st gear there is a grinding / wining noise from the gearbox area . However when you speed up, and get over 1.5k revs, it disappears . Any ideas ? It is only when the car is warm, so for the first 20 mins + driving it won’t make the noise. Car was serviced back in March and nothing was picked up by the dealer. Car is Exige V6 2016 cheers
  2. Thank you all for the advice and tips! I’ve bought some P&S break duster so I’ll see how that goes next time I wash the car. I went out to the car last night (with the Mrs in the driving seat) pushed the car back and fore a few times. The car moved (woohoo) meaning that blowing the breaks out after wash must of worked a little bit. The disks do look rusty, but nothing that a)will lock me in place , and b) will wear off after a few miles driving! Very true! But dam they look good when shiny 🥰 Thanks . I’ve bought some break dust repelant stuff (I’ll try that first) if that doesn’t work I’ll do a lap of the estate, clean the brakes off and then serial before cover . Cheers
  3. Yes but driving it around the block after a wash and dry risks getting muck on the car. Which I don’t want as I put a cover on it I don’t really want to do that as if it’s get dirty again ? I keep it with a cover on when clean
  4. Handbrake always left off. Thought about moving it every few days, however, I read that starting the engine for a short amount of time regularely isnt good for it?
  5. Hi All Common issue I keep encountering with my Exige is the brake pads sticking to the dics after a wash. Recently, I had to really rev the car to move it, which in a tight garage isnt ideal. Also the left released before the right, meaning the right dragged along the garage floor. Just this week, I spent a few hours washing and detailing the car. Normally I would put the car away without paying any attenton to the dics or pads. However this time, I used a hairdryer and a leaf blower to dry the pads out before putting the car away. 4 days later, I have just checked the state of the dics, and they have rusted again, and I am sure will stick again when I try to drive the car next (lockdown pending!) Whilst I fully appreciate this is normal. I want to try and find a way of preventing this. Does anyone have any advice or tips? One thing I have looked at is a rust stopper. Has anyone tried this method and was it a) just after washing whilst the disc is clean b) applying when the brakes have already rusted and allow them to realise easier? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated Tom
  6. Cheers! How does this one look? CTEK XS 0.8 Automatic Battery Maintainer (For long-term maintainence of motorcycle and other smaller vehicle batteries) 12V, 0.8 Amp - UK Plug
  7. Hello guys, Just bought my first Lotus, an Exige S Club racer! Pick it up in 2 weeks ... I cannot wait! So I need to invest in a trickle charger. Can anyone recommend a particular one for the V6 Exige? Thanks in advance Tom
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