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  1. Hi! I have an Evora S with fan-type exhaust pipe, sport-kat and sport muffler. It sounds great but the exhaust note of the 400 is still another league. What is the difference to the Evora S that makes the 400 sound so much better? Thanks, Lupoletto
  2. Thanks again for taking the effort! Yes, there is room for improvement in the camera work. You can hear the supercharger also in your video, also when mine is deffinetly loder. But I guess this is due to the Tuning which was done (slightly higher compression by higher supercharger Speed and a K&W airfilter). So I am relieved now. Thanks! Lupoletto
  3. Thanks Techyd to take the effort - a comparison would be great. Yes, it is exactly the same noise with the Right window down but just louder - yes it is the supercharger. I am just wondering if this level of noise is OK or if it is too lound and maybe there is a defect bearing or whatever it could be... One more info: I regognice the wine only when the engine is warm
  4. yes, the belt is brand new as it ripped appr. 1000km ago (defect pully idler). Could there be any other issue/problem thet the charger is too loud? Anything I should check in time before getting a problem? One more info: I recognize the wine only when the engine is warm.
  5. Hello Techyd, thanks for listening into. Yes, in Person it is much more audible - especially if you are worride about it. With the right window down the wine is louder/more audible; the record was taken with the Windows closed. As I only have the Evora since 2 months I can not estimate if it has less power than it should - I could not complain about not enough power!
  6. Would be nice if the supercharger-owners would have an ear on this one too - which is now recorded insinde the cabin, as I still did not meet any EvoraS Driver so far - even when I was at a Lotus Owners Meeting this Weekend - But only 1 other Evora Driver there ans this was an N/A. THANKS!!! Evora Supercharger Sound.MOV
  7. Here an update how it sounds inside the cabin as the last Video was from the engine copartment and Mik mentioned - rightly - that he doesn't spend much time there. Evora Supercharger Sound.MOV Would be nice if the supercharger-owners would have an ear on this one too, as I still did not meet any EvoraS Driver so far - even when I was at a Lotus Owners Meeting this Weekend - But only 1 other Evora Driver there ans this was an N/A. THANKS!
  8. Thank you Techyd for taking this effort! So it sounds quite like mine - so this is normal and I don‘t need to worry. Can you also hear this whining inside the cabin from appr. 3000rpm on? Thanks to everybody for your reply! LL
  9. You are Right. I am currently on Business trip in Japan - will take a audio from the inside next week. But: Inside I clearly hear the same sound especially at 3.000rpm+ but I thought the kind of sound is better to hear on the vid directly in the engine compartment. So I am wondering if you hear the same sound when you are driving? I am just worried if the supercharger has an issue and needs some refurbishment before it is broken - or if everything is fine. Thanks LL
  10. Hello Lotus fans, I own an Evora S since this summer and it is my first supercharged car. I love this car - it is exactly what I was looking for. Just the Sound of the supercharger scares and annoyes me a little bit. Is it normal that the supercharger whistles like this and that loud? I did not get a respose in the Evora section so I would like to ask you guys as I guess it is the same engine. Thanks! Lupoletto Evora S supercharger sound.MOV
  11. Hello, is there nobody with an supercharged Evora that can tell me if his engine sounds the same? Would be great help for me to know if this sound is normal or not. THANKS! Lupoletto Evora S supercharger sound.MOV
  12. Hello, I made s short Video with different RPMs. I am quite sure it is the supercharger. Is it normal that you here it? When I am going down a hill with 3000 rpm but not applying the throttle I have the same Sound as if I apply the thottle and drive with 3.000 rpm uphill. Guess this is fine as the supercharger is driven by the belt? (as a Turbo you would only hear when you apply the throttle). => do your supercharged Evora S sound the same??!! Thanks, Lupoletto. Supercharger.MOV
  13. Hello Notabene, I have been at JUBU twice since I bought my Evora some weeks ago - once for checking the car before I bought it and once for changing a pulley idler and the drive belt which ripped. My Evora also has the JUBU 420 kit and I am so far satisfied with the Quality. They are a nice handsome Team and seems they are doing quite some support for "trackers". Best Regards, Lupoletto (from Amstetten)
  14. Hello, After I got 2 pulley idlers and the auxiliary drivebelt changed, I had a ride with my Evora today. Now there is a loud, very high whistling noise from the right side of the engine. I recoginzed a whistling when I drove trough a tunnel. Outside the tunnel: when I roll down the left window, you can hardly hear it, if you roll down the right window you can hear it very clearly. You can hear it from appr. 2000 rpm on and the tone is getting higher with the rpm is rising until it is that high that you can not recognize it at appr, 6000+ rpm. The tone referes exactly to the rpm and it is a sound like a defect Turbo - with the difference that it - as mentioned - referes exactly to the rpm (not like the Turbo where the whistle Comes after rising the rpm and stays after lowering the rpm). Also no matter if the rpm is rised under load or when the car stands still - exactly the same tone... Is this normal or is there another issue with my car?! Can someone tell me where I can apply the throttle directly on the engine (maybe this would Help me to check for it when I have a look at the engine and rise the rpm) Thanks for your help!!! Lupoletto
  15. Just picked my Evora up. The one pulley idler (produced by SKF) is completely broken and blocked. I asked About the huge labour time and he argued exactly as EFTE that it is pig work, the engine needs to be lowered to have access and it is still hard to get to this bracket assembly.
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