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  1. My coolant cap is still at 12.00. I did notice it would turn further and I mentioned it to the Lotus tech but he wasn't aware of this. it's all fine now.
  2. I took the car back to the dealer for the 4th time. He ran it from cold, pressurised the system left it and all was fine. He didn't even add any coolant yet the level has now risen to where it should be and has been fine ever since. So I still dont understand why.
  3. Actually just found that my cap does do as you described. Car was serviced by an experienced lotus technician including coolant change. I'm supposed to he taking it back for a third time today. I'd hope he would know about the coolant tank lid. I'm leaving with him overnight so he can check from cold.
  4. Which Elise is yours? 2011 on? I tried the coolant cap and it didn't behave the way you describe. Comes to an abrupt stop and turns both more. I've got it booked in again so the tech can test from cold.
  5. I half expect mine would eject any coolant that I add when hot if there is an air lock somewhere, air compessable liquid not. I will phone JCT600 Lotus tomorrow once again. Keep I touch
  6. I could try this. I have only owned a Lotus for 1 year so still learning the basics. Having said that I have other cars and do lots of spannering and servicing myself, I am just being dead careful with the Elise and having just spent 700 odd quid on service with Lotus dealer to keep warranty intact I'd rather they solved this whilst I try to understand why its proving so difficult.
  7. Had my 2015 Elise s serviced 2 weeks ago which included coolant change. I checked coolant yesterday and level is about 2cm off the bottom or about 10cm below the weld line. I took it back to jct600 Leeds and checked again when I dropped it off and the level was the same 2cm off the bottom. When the non lotus technician checked it he said its fine and didn't need any more coolant adding. I looked again and the level was now correct. I suspect he released the lid and the pressure release caused it to rise. I checked again this morning and 2cm off the bottom again. I took it back this morning and the lotus tech was there. He had a look, said he pressurised the system and added more coolant and it will be fine. Later today when it was cool again I checked it was down again 2cm off the bottom. Now i suspect there is air trapped in the system , as did the tech, but he said he had sorted it. I realise it mustn't be the easiest system. To bleed but I dont understand how a very experienced otus technician cant carry out a simple service task. There is no sign of any coolant leak and I had no issues before the service. Any thoughts before I take it back a fourth time.
  8. Just driving the North coast 500 in Scotland. The Elise S3 owned for 4 months is just fantastic , exceeded all expectations. Just one issue on the trip, all the binacle lights come on for a few seconds while I'm driving. Seems to do it shortly after setting off. Is this a known issue?
  9. I'm a new Elise owner and first time lotus owner. My car is a 4 year old Elise s3 and I'm just trying to sort out 2 or 3 minor issues. The car is fabulous. The lever for releasing the engine lid feels rough when pulled, as if metal is rubbing and going to wear and break some time soon. Before I strip it down are there any known faults and fixes?
  10. I just bought a 2015 Elise S and I have found both the fibreglass roof stays to be broken. The hooked ends one at the front end and the other at the rear is broken off. Is this a common fault. Seems odd that both are broken. I checked the price and they are 25 quid each plus vat.
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