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  1. The drive back was great, I went via Strasburg, Baden-Baden, Black Forrest 500 Mountain route “awesome”. Down towards Zurich and turned left access Austria home. Great idea ref meeting up, FYI I’ll be at an autocross event in a week or so, I’ll message once I know the details.
  2. Great looking car, thanks for sharing the pic of one with black pack. I was contemplating it. I agree they look v classy in red and get a load of attention. I’ve had people in car parks filming on their phones waiting for me to start it and drive off. The Larini exhaust is awesome, I can totally recommend it.
  3. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Weather has been fantastic.
  4. Car collected and now on the train over to Europe. All I can say is it’s awsome One question though, the transmission is louder than I expected? Is this normal? I assume so as it’s just had a service including gear oil change.
  5. Registration plates delivered and insurance sorted, just a few days left to wait now..
  6. Thanks I really appreciate the invitation, unfortunately I’ll pass on this occasion. I’ll have a look for a forum area where future meets / track days are planned.
  7. Hi, Thank you so much for the invitation, it’s amazing how open you all are to new members. I’d have very much liked to join but I feel I’d be tempting fate going from collection to track day directly. I can imagine the YouTube video, owns car for 4 hours and bins it on the 1st bend. . Let me get some miles under my belt and I’ll be sure to attend and join in these events.
  8. I’ll certainly keep a running log of the journey and keep you all updated. Photos and commentary.
  9. Thank you all for bringing this to my attention, I just called Euro Tunnel explained the situation and they modified my booking to oversized vehicles, no additional charges. I’d have been gutted if I damaged a wheel especially as they are just now undergoing a full diamond cut refurbishment... If they had tried to charge me for making the booking I’d have explained what this link confirms, as it turns out they accepted the change FOC and were very nice about it. I’ll be sure to have a rev out, Larini exhaust might set off some car alarms if I’m lucky
  10. Thanks for the reassurance, I’ll be sure to take a mixed route home. German autobahn will certainly be part of it, now just trying to find an interesting route across Austria. Thanks,. Will do. Oops,. Already booked standard flexplus .... I’ll check if the booking can be modified. If not I’ll be the one creeping down the train causing a blockage. I considered this but last car I had on the ferry got dinged by a soccer mom espace.
  11. Newbie Evora Owner


  12. Hello All, I’ve recently paid a deposit on this car and planning collection on the 20th April. As I don’t live in the UK so far been a blind purchase, hopefully Silverstone live up to their excellent reputation and the car will be fully sorted. They have so far been very helpful with taking photos, making short videos and sending them via WhatsApp & Email. Plus they will do a full 8th year service and a whole list of other jobs including airbag clips etc. Directly after collection “le tunnel booked for the 20th” i’ll be heading back home to Győr Hungary needing to arrive at work 8am on the 23rd. I’ve driven the direct route a few times in the past in my S Class and more recently Discovery 5, both cars being well suited for this type of journey. Never have I attempted something like this is a car similar to the Evora.... I’m looking for any advice. Have any members done a similar road trip and can provide any tips? Does anyone know of some great roads / mountain passes, which would be kind of en route? I intend to shoot some drone video’s using the DJI and will be sure to upload video, photos plus updates here. Thanks Mike .
  13. I think the car has been sold by Lotus Silverstone previously and it’s an old image... In the advert it has a leather shifter knob but from the video presentation I recieved it’s an aluminium type. From the video I can see there is some wear on the drivers seat bolster. The carpet in the back looks wrinkled and cargo net is saggy, hopefully these are easy fixes.
  14. Hi, I’m considering a 2011 Evora S currently for sale at Lotus Silvertone. Any comments / guidance from experienced owners would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunatly I work outside of the UK so I’ll only get to see it in the flesh will be at collection, I know this isn’t ideal but it is what it is. Mike
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