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  1. Hi, i checked and the car has the rubber variants, do you have any information or link where i can learn more and possibly get parts instructions etc. thanks
  2. Hi, I'll check what the car currently has, if there are rubber now is a good time to get them changed whilst the car is literally in pieces. = Thanks Thanks for the recommendation, i'll add this to the to to list. Just looking on the Hanger111 website and saw the phase 2 kit (tempted) would this clutch still be ok at that level?
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for the recommendation, is this a direct swap for the installation i currently have. Mike
  4. Hi Its a 3rd car so it's primarily used for weekend fast road blasts with potential occasional track use. Where i live traffic isn't an issue however i will use it to tour across Europe post lock down, so i like to bias to drive ability vs absolute performance. I don't intend to up the power much so not sure id get the benefit of LSD.
  5. I'd not thought about and LSD, certainly worth considering. Thanks
  6. Firstly hello, Apologies if i'm posting incorrectly or if this has been answered else where, i did do a few searches but didn't find what i'm looking for. I have a 2011 Evora S which is having some engine work done, whilst in the process i think it prudent to replace the clutch. I see there are a few options and i'd like to know what the general consensus is from real world feedback. Options I've found so far: - Monkey Wrench racing (Heavy Duty Street Disc) - (Evora High Performance Clutch Pack) Also whilst the engine is out should i replace the slave cylinder as i believe this can be a weak point resulting in clutch dropping to the floor, this hasn't happened to me. If is should replace what are the recommendations. Thanks Mike
  7. The drive back was great, I went via Strasburg, Baden-Baden, Black Forrest 500 Mountain route “awesome”. Down towards Zurich and turned left access Austria home. Great idea ref meeting up, FYI I’ll be at an autocross event in a week or so, I’ll message once I know the details.
  8. Great looking car, thanks for sharing the pic of one with black pack. I was contemplating it. I agree they look v classy in red and get a load of attention. I’ve had people in car parks filming on their phones waiting for me to start it and drive off. The Larini exhaust is awesome, I can totally recommend it.
  9. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Weather has been fantastic. 👍😎
  10. Car collected and now on the train over to Europe. All I can say is it’s awsome 😎😁 One question though, the transmission is louder than I expected? Is this normal? I assume so as it’s just had a service including gear oil change.
  11. Registration plates delivered and insurance sorted, just a few days left to wait now.. 😁
  12. Thanks I really appreciate the invitation, unfortunately I’ll pass on this occasion. I’ll have a look for a forum area where future meets / track days are planned.
  13. Hi, Thank you so much for the invitation, it’s amazing how open you all are to new members. I’d have very much liked to join but I feel I’d be tempting fate going from collection to track day directly. I can imagine the YouTube video, owns car for 4 hours and bins it on the 1st bend. 😂. Let me get some miles under my belt and I’ll be sure to attend and join in these events.
  14. I’ll certainly keep a running log of the journey and keep you all updated. Photos and commentary. 👍
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