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  1. Hi Toni, No unfortunately not I contact Dan on Facebook but didn’t get a reply regarding the Nitron bushings. I still think it’s an inherent design/valving flaw with the 1 way 46mm damper. Nitron openly admit they are noisy and by their own admission state converting them to 3 way solves it.
  2. Thanks Andy most appreciated, I have heard good things about HPE auto so will give Dan a call. Wonder if something as crude as wrapping the bolts (that go through the nitron bearing) with PTFE tape would take out a certain amount of slack and dampen the noise. Good info to have thank you!
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the prompt reply that’s very interesting to hear. Why is it that the 3 ways are silent then are they supplied with a different shock mount Bush? But yes if you can send me any further details via pm that would be brilliant. Cheers. Sam
  4. Hi @AndyHamp, sorry to dig up an old thread I spoke to you in the past as I also had issues with noise from my 46mm Nitrons. Good to know the 3 ways do indeed resolve the issue, does the rides/handling feel better overall? Still considering this upgrade myself. Thanks. Sam
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