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  1. I've been searching for a conclusive answer to this question but everything I find seems to relate to older S1 and S2 cars. I find the brake pedal to be too high in relation to the throttle pedal and I'm wondering, can it be adjusted?
  2. Thanks for the detailed response, Graham, much appreciated! Oakmere have since come back to me with the same diagnosis, that it is likely the release bearing that is the cause of the noise. I'm waiting for the service/aftersales manager to get back to me and they're going to arrange to take a look at the car. As you describe with your car, the noise does not happen 109% of the time. I tend to naturally drive around it anyway as I'm so used to rev matching on all of my down shifts, but if I'm lazily approaching junctions or roundabouts and just change straight down, I might get the noise 50% of the time. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether the car is warm or cold, or whether it's been driven hard or not.
  3. Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I purchased the car from Oakmere who supply a 3 month warranty with their used cars. I noticed this noise only a week or so after picking it up, so it was probably present on the test drive and I just didn't notice it. I've emailed Oakmere a link to the video along with a description of the issue, so I'll see what they come back with. Out of curiosity, did your dealer ever give any indication as to what part of the clutch assembly was causing the noise? Also, when they replaced it did they mention whether the clutch was excessively worn or anything like that?
  4. Bibs, just to confirm, is noise you're referring to the same as that in the video on the other thread as posted by ROJ?
  5. Having watched the video and read the thread, that is indeed the exact noise my car makes. My car has done 30,000 miles (formerly on plate V6 XGS, perhaps it's known to the forum?) and based on what is in the service folder there's no evidence to suggest the clutch has ever been replaced. The thread posted above seems to end without any confirmation of the source of the noise or what the solution is. Is there any? Is it just annoyance or something to be concerned about.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. I'm coming from a Z4M Coupe myself, so certainly the levels of NVH are significantly different. It's reassuring that everything I've read, and everyone I've spoken to, suggests that it's nothing to worry about.
  7. Morning all, first time poster having purchased a V6S roadster in mid-February. I'm loving the car so far, but I have some concerns over a particular noise I'm getting from the gearbox. I'm aware having read numerous threads on various forums that the gearbox can be somewhat agricultural in terms of the noises it makes, particularly at low engine speeds. However the noise I'm experiencing seems to be something different. When changing down into second gear, there is a noise which I can only describe as sounding like a circular saw buzzing through a piece of wood, and this only happens if the engine speed is allowed to drop between the gear change. If I'm lazily approaching a junction for example in third gear, press the clutch, engine speed drops to 1000-1200 rpm, select second gear, as the clutch re-engages and the engine speed rises, the sound occurs. If I heel and toe or blip the throttle to rev match, there is no noise at all. The gearbox is also perfectly slick in all gears (more so than expected given some reviews of the car), no crunching etc. and the clutch feels fine. I get no vibration through the gear lever (cable rather than solid linkage so perhaps I wouldn't anyway) or through the clutch pedal when the noise occurs either. I've raised the issue with the dealer, who have said that they are a noisy gearbox and that nothing seems untoward. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and whether the cause was found to be anything sinister. Cheers in advance!
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