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    Elise S my 2012

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  1. Hi ramjet, thx for welcoming me at TLF. The ECU could be the problem again. Its worth testing it.
  2. hi Thx, the battery was replaced half a year
  3. The engine of my elise stops randomly and starts again after a while. The Lotus dealer cannot find the problem. Main releais for the fuel pomp has been replaced, connectors to te fuelpump have been replaced, fuel pump has been replaced. When you drive the engine sometimes stops. after a while it starts again. Contact with lotus does not give the solution. they don’t know. when i bought the elise it was 1,5 years old and it had the same problem. they replaced the motor management systems and the problem dissapeared for two years. now it is back again. who knows more about this problem. I am spending a lot of money without a single result.
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